asked Jun 16, 2007 at 12:16pm
Hp HP OfficeJet 5610

More than Condensation Under the Glass!

Hi Folks,

That’s right, you read it right and now you may be wondering how the heck that happened?

You want the whole story or the short one? Well, after a torrential downpour the roof in my study sprang a leak and you guessed it, right over my HP Officejet 5610 All-in-One printer.

I mopped up the water on the top but it is also on the inside so much so that there is condensation under the scanner glass. I tried to power it up but to no avail to run some copies to warm it up and dry out the moisture. It didn’t say ‘bread’.

My questions are, will it ever dry out, what can I do to hasten the process or should I just give it its last rights and bury it?

Thanks, any help will do!

Bury it!
by moe on Jun 16, 2007 at 1:12pm Add comment
Hi Ya,


That's what you have an oven and the Mrs. blow dryer for!

Last night I put it in the oven and used its warmth from the pilot light to do its thing, and then this morning I used the blow dryer and did some blasting on the glass plate to help evaporate the moisture and...WALLAH it worked!!!

Finally, I finish up by running some 25 "blank" copies through and 1 real one! The Mrs. says..."the copies never looked so clear and crisp"!

Well hey it's like they say...“Necessity Is the MOTHER of Invention”…so you techie Guys & Gals, you too MOE…put this one in your loose leaf manuals…Heeheehee!!!

Phew…that was a close one and of course I’m moving some things around till I get this leak fixed!

Thanks to all who shared my PAIN & ANXIETY...sorry folks, no setting up or funeral today, some day later maybe…but not TODAY!!!

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I must say I am amazed that you resurrected it from the dead. I've had a few that came into the shop that met pretty much the same fate. Sitting under a leak, glass of water dumped into it, etc. Tried the hair dryer routine, etc. Everything but the heart paddles. Never got one to come back from the dead. Good work!
by moe on Jun 17, 2007 at 8:54am Add comment
Thanks Moe,

But I must say that I had my doubts, especially when the Mrs. turn it on its side and it bled "liquid Sunshine". I held my breath and when it powered up this morning and when it did utter some 'clicks' & 'groans' I said to myself..."there is a God after all"!

But to you Moe I say...never, never give up the fight! you'll never know how bad it is till you've tried. But, keep those "heart paddles" handy just in case!!!!

Thanks again for your concern and I'll let you know if it has a relapse or something.

Oh, BTW I forgot to mention that this roof over the study was renovated a few months ago by 2 of my sons and when oldest called this morning and I told of my plight and said I would be taking him before Judge Mathis...and had the heart to say...take me, but don't forget DAD...that job was FREE!!!

What a thing to say!

Anyway, see y'all,


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