asked Jun 12, 2007 at 1:32pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Color Laserjet 2840 Freezes

I Have an HP Color Laserjet 2840 that freezes up after about 5-10 minutes of on time. When it freezes the keys dont work the lights don't light up and the printer does not move any of the motors when i open the case. However the printer still pinged when it froze. the steps i have tried are as follows;

1. Updated the Firmware with the most current Version.

2. Did a restore Factory defaults by going into the menu --> Service --> Restore Defaults.

3. Removed Network Cable from printer to make sure it was not a network card issue.

4. Made sure it was not plugged into a surge protector because it could have gone bad, plugged it directly into a KNOW functioning outlet.

5. Attached it VIA USB again to make sure it was not a network issue.

6. Removed any RAM that is installed on the printer.

7. Reset the NVRAM by Performing Permanant Storage Init. (This is the step i could not find on the internet i needed to call the HORRIBLE tech support line.) The way to do this is by shutting the printer off. Hold down the Star " * " Key and the ENTER key until the screen reads Permanent Storage Init. --> Let go of the buttons --> it will do what it does from there and then it has been completed.

none of the above worked for me so i had to contact HP again and they had to send out a tech to fix the last part

8. The Low Voltage Power Supply had to be changed.

They are coming today so i dont know if it works yet i will post an update as soon as i can. Any questions or comments please feel free.
This is a known issue on that model. There is a service note on it. Do not pay for the power supply as it is covered free under the service note even if the printer is out of warranty.
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Thank you "moe" i was unaware of that i appreciate the input
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