asked Jun 6, 2007 at 10:48pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

Looking for BW laser under $150 - poor student!

Hi all - I am looking to print just simple basic B&W text/graphs/charts - mostly for medical school notes and papers - expecting to print a few thousand pages a month - quality of print doesn't matter - as I'm just using it to read for myself....

I've looked at the HP 2100 - and I found some good condition used ones for under $100 USD, BUT - my laptop doesn't have parallel connectivity - only USB.

I guess I'm looking for cartridges which can last for a while - and aren't too expensive to replace...

Plan was to get some ideas and look for some used ones perhaps -
I noticed alot of used printer advertisers note that a printer might have page counts of 10,000-90,000+ Obviously the lower the better, but how risky is it to get one with a higher Page Count

So any opinions on something that I might even get used for that price (i.e. ebay) kindly reply here when you have the chance -
your suggestions will help guide me - not too many other printer-based forums here on the net that I've come across!

Thanks for the time
Check out the HP LJ2200. It has a USB port and it duplexes to boot. Or, you can get a jetdirect card J4135A which has a USB port on it.
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Hey, if you are still looking for a printer
i have an HP 1300 that i just installed a new Fuser in.
it has a used toner with it
replacement toners on ebay for the 1300 are cheap
connects via USB
i can send it to you for $100 includes shipping
if you are interested, feel free to contact me
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