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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Color Laserjet 2840 print quality issues

Hello- I have a HP Color Lasejet 2840 that is not printing the black and magenta fully on the left hand side. The right hand side looks great as does the middle. On the left side the cyan and yellow blocks and bars on bottom are full but the magenta and black are faded at both the blocks and the bars at the bottom. I just replaced toners to be sure it wasn't that but no change in quality after replacing. This unit is not under warranty anymore so I am not sure what to do at this point. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
I would also like to know where to get the service manual for this printer. I have 2 years experience fixing copiers and printers and would like to get the teardown insttructions for this model. I have one on my desk at home.

I would also like to know where to find a parts list and to order non-consumable parts for this printer.
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The manual Don Thompson pulished is very good - He was last at Clover Technologies - maybe you can reach him at there Web sire

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Chris Tredoux - Christiaan
this could be a problem with the toner carousel going out of alignment
there are timing marks on the black cog on either side of the carousel
these must line up with timing double notches on white gears that engage with the carousel cog.Try and find a manual that gives you removal and replacent procedures of major components.
It could be a broken tooth on the carousel black gear or maybe just realining the timing

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I am also having this problem with my 2840. No printing on the left side but prints great on the right.
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Me too. The picture fades in from the right. Blank on the left. I thought it was a drum defect, but I haven't bought a new one yet. Have any of you guys already tried something?
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I mean, it fades out to the left. The print is good on the right side.
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raylin is on the right track, although i don't know what you lot can do to fix it yourself.

search for the same problem with the hp color laserjet 2550 (same printing engine as the 2840) and you'll find some instruction here in this forum.
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Yesterday I downloaded the service manual. I have started to disassemble the whole printer in order to fix the problem. Of course, if it's indeed the alignment. I'll keep you guys posted on my proceedings.
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Looks like I have the same problem. Spent $500 for all new cartridges and drum and the same problem. DO you know how to do
that alignment??? Is there any good picture how to do that?

Please advice.

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Adam - Anonymous
Where did you download the manual from

Regards - Christiaan
In the meantime I've sold my printer and bought a new Samsung clp-350.
But in the service manual of HP there's a clear description of how to replace or align the carroussel. It comes down to point some indicators to eachother. Those indicators are located on both sides of the carroussel (||) and on the fixed parts (|) on either side.
In my case the carroussel itself was twisted or bent and I was not able to repair that by myself.
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This is based on the 2550 platform. A bad concept! Rotary drives on these are very fragile, and tend to break on the left side.
A lot of tear down to fix, Alignment marks in the manual are wrong. For the left, it is on the top of the black slot. The right , it is inside a small curved area on the inside.
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Has anyone had a problem receiving the the following error message:

Scanner Error 5; Turn off then on

Of course, turning off then on did not correct the problem, can anyone help?

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hi same problem with my hp 2840 also

pls open your scanner screw all of 8 and clean scanner flat glass from inside with any glass cleaner liquid just spray liquid on any dry smooth cotton cloth n clean well , after u open glass exactly above your scanner bulb there is one black and white strip attached to glass that is the important part u clean well that name 'HOME' and then u 1/2 inch move forward ur bulb n fix glass as like before then switch on ur printer scanner tube will glow and head of scanner start to moving n detect HOME once detect home it will stop over there and your problem will solve NO MORE ERROR 5 or 6.
Thanks - unknown
Well i did the above and cleaned everything inside and out and reassembled and the scanner bulb lit and head moved and found home but then following the warm up cycle it still says error 5 turn off and back on. any ideas warranty is up machine used very little?
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Hi all!!

I keep getting a 54.2 Error message and/or an "incorrect yellow" message.

I've changed the yellow toner twice and no change?

Is this maybe an alignment issue?

It photocopies in black and white okay.

Any ideas?
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Could be but on this model and pain to check. Make sure all the toners are in place correctly since the error is a carousel error. Generally if the carousel is out of index you will get faded print on one side of the page.
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I have black down the left side of the page (probably about 1/16th). It looks as if it's deposited ink there in the printing process. Rest of page is ok. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello please I need an urgent help
I have the same machine but the problem is no matter the brightness of the work, still its print out
is very poor I mean the images are not as clear as expected.
please what can this be its problem.....
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