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Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

Epson 740 off track.

It seems like the printer heads have forgotten how to reset their position. When I begin to print, it kind of grinds away trying to move farther to the right, I think. Then it moves to the middle and stops, then the error light comes on then nothing.

I've done things like pushing it back to the far right, and cleaning the heads, where it seems like the machine knows where to clean the heads, but not where to print. It always does the same thing: hangs in the middle and stops.

Anyone know a fix?

I've had the same problem. No word yet from Epson what causes this / how to fix.
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I've had this problem many times. The sensor strip that tells the head where its position is is dirty most likely and needs cleaned. This is a common problem for Epson and HP printers. clean the strip with a cotton swab and alchohol and see if it works. Because of this common problem I plan to get a Canon printer ASAP.
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I seem to have this problem, too.
I've contacted epson, with no response.
It's hard to find anything on the subject.
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I have a 740 and a 440 printer that both exhibit this problem. The response from
Epson Support is below. I've had to do this multiple times for
it to work at times. It's very dissapointing to me since both of
these printers have the exact same problem and solution that Epson
knows of the problem.....they even say if you get this led condition to
contact Epson for the fix.....if you know the problem....fix it!!!
Needless to say I would seriously not buying another Epson printer...
this problem and having to clean the print head all the time and multiple
times just to get a good print. Dissappointing.

Good Luck! (from my experience you'll need it!)

From:<Web_Support\%[email protected]>
Subject:Response to your Epson Web Support inquiry -
Reply-to:[email protected]
To:[email protected]
Date:Mon, 11 Sep 2000 22:40:00 -0700

Gary Fladstol,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Epson. It is my pleasure to
respond to your inquiry.

Sounds like the printer has an internal ROM error, perform the following
steps to clear the error.

* Make sure the printer is OFF and disconnected from the computer.
* Hold the Load\\Eject & Cleaning button while powering the printer on.
* Release both buttons once the paper light is on or flashing.
* Immediately press and release the Load\\Eject.
* Wait until the printer has settled, turn it OFF & ON to save changes

If only the ink out light(s) remain ON, perform the following steps to
reseat the ink cartridge(s).

1. Remove all paper from the printer.
2. Open the cover and ensure that the Blue lever is in the "0" position.
3. Next, hold the cleaning button until the black printhead moves to the
change position.
4. Reclamp the Color& Black ink cartridge by lifting the lid all the way
up and then snap it closed. Immediately press the cleaning button
once and allow the cartridges to prime. ( Do Not Remove Cartridge )
5. After the printer has settled, run three cleaning cycles and then test

Should you require further assistance with this issue, please use the
"Reply With History" option, including your previous e-mail with your new
request. If you have a different technical support issue, please submit
another E-form via our website (http://www.epson.com), and we will respond
in a timely manner. Thank you again for contacting Epson.

Mario C
Epson Connection

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I recently had this kind of problem. I fixed it by removing and replacing the ribbon connector to what appears to be the print head position sensor. This is a small black optical sensor at the right end of the print head travel. It has about a 4-conductor ribbon cable. Try pulling this off and replacing it, tightly. It couldn't hurt!!
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I have had the exact problem and think I now have it fixed! Thanks to Mika's Post (http://fixyourownprinter.com/printer/new/47.html): "Clean the shaft that the cartridge holder slides on. Then put some light oil on it, but be careful not to spill any. There is a felt piece that´s soaked with oil inside the holder and sometimes this gets dry and causes these problems." [My problem began after several weeks of the printer being idle, so it is very logical that the shaft's lubrication was diminished.]Also use the instructions above to "re-set" the printer head. I think it's primarily the cleaning of and light oil (I used WD-40 applied with a cotton swab) applied to the metal shaft that fixed it. My printer has been working for two weeks now without a repeat of the problem!
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My Epson 1200 photo makes a grinding sound. I am not sure what the problem is. Help.Thank you
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My out of warrenty 740 started jumping track and banging around. Epson help line says send it in. Cleaned and oiled the shaft per Gina & Mika and have a new acting printer. Thanks so mutch for the help.
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My 740 has done this twice. The first Time, I unplugged the printer and then plugged it back in, and it seemed to fix itself. However, the 2nd time this handy little trick didn't work. Instead, I pushed the Ink tank changing button(the one that has drops of colored ink above it) and held it in for about 5 seconds. It fixed itself again.Hope this helps!!~The 12 year old Macfreak~P.S. Don't let that I am only 12 scare you, I know my stuff.
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most on the right track , it is the carriage guide shaft that is dirtyremove the carriage assy and oil the padand guide shaft
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Fooling around with that sensor actually did the trick!

Thanks so much!
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Although I didn't say this last time, the best way to fix this is to just unplug the printer and plug it back in
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Although I didn't say this last time, the best way to fix this is to just unplug the printer and plug it back in
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