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Hp HP DeskJet 660CSE

HP Deskjet 660Cse Woes

I have an HP 660Cse that really hasn't been the most dependable printer I ever had, but in the long run would usually print what you wanted, but sometimes it would take several tries. I recently upgraded an older CPU to Windows XP, and I loaded the XP printer software for the printer from the choices offered in the Add Printer task. Now, it seemes it will not hardly print at all. It is hanging up on the right side of the rollers where the rubber roller contact a metal guide. So, when I cancel the print job and go to unjam the paper, then turn it back on, it prints a lot of paper with some different fonts, and only just a line or two, then kicks the paper out, grabs another and repeats this for what, 20-30 sheets worth? And of those 20-30, maybe only one or two get jammed. But when I want to print something, it seems that it gets jammed, but these random printings there after cancelling go through just fine. Ideas?? Thanks in advance.

Mark Weber
This is a definitely a software problem.
Try to delete the driver and reinstall it again.
You can see info right here - http://h10025.www1.hp.com

Good Luck,
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