asked May 28, 2007 at 7:10pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

hp 750c plus

Hi have a problem leading edge of paper rolls back to much after cut
and jams next plot, it should have a margin of 17mm from edge of paper, but has 15mm instead, which causes it to jam, have set factory restore, but still rolls back to far, the 2mm makes a difference any one know how to restore the 17mm leading edge if factory restore wont
Do the first and second sections of the plot overlap a bit?

The screws that hold the drive gear on the end of the big roller need to be tightened every few years.
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Not sure what you mean by the first and second sections overlap,
I measured the margin line on leading edge and trailing edge
leading is 15mm trailing 20mm both should be 17mm, the edge of the paper roll should after cutting roll back and sit on the plastic that sits on the roller, at 17mm it would be about 2mm on the plastic and will then feed straight out, but at 15mm it catches the edge and does not feed out which then the print head crashes into the paper, I will have a go at trying to move the plastic back a bit more, but the 15mm tells me that the plastic is possibly in the right spot, but the roll back is too much, do not know what to look for to alter this, as I would have thought any wear in gear or teeth would mean it didn't roll back enough,
Alan - unknown
You need to perform an accuracy and line sensor calibration. Instructions are at link below:

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