asked May 28, 2007 at 3:41am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

1200 HP inkjet missing printhead resting pad

My black printhead in my new hp 1200 printer dried up after not using for a short period. There is no felt pad below where it rests when not in use. There are for the other colors. At first an HP tech said it should have a pad. Sent printer back and it came back "reconditioned" but missing pad still. Called another tech about still missing pad and he said the black shouldn't have a pad. Put a new black printhead in the "reconditioned" printer and it worked great and then after no use for a while the black printhead dried up again. So is there anyone out there who has a 1200 or similar HP printer that could look and see if all the printheads including the black have resting pads to keep things moist as I can't get a staight answer out of HP? In a 1200 it's easy to see. Thanks Stan
Lets see...

HP makes three different inkjet printers with a model number of 1200... (I'm not going to list them as future searchers would find this thread and get confused).
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Sorry for the confusion. The printer is an HP Business Injet 1200d with separate printheads and ink cartridges. Stan - Anonymous
All printheads on this printer include black have "resting pads" in service station to keep things moist. Probably it's something wrong with your service station or you use old printhead.
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by Ypshec on May 29, 2007 at 5:12am Add comment
Thank you Ypshec. As I said in the first entry the pad is not there in the place where the black printhead rests. One HP tech told me the black printhead does not have a pad and they were sending me another black printhead as a solution. Another HP tech told me the 1200 inkjet I have definitely has and should have a pad for the black printhead. Anyone else who has an HP business inkjet 1200 I'd be interested if they have pads for all printheads especially the black. On my new printer there are places for 4 pads and I have 4 printheads. Where the black rests the pad is missing. If I let the printer sit without use the black printhead dries up. It is the one without the pad also. Thanks Stan - Anonymous