asked Dec 7, 2000 at 9:55am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Hp 4L

Started out with two bad 4L's, one wouldn't print, but would feed a blank sheet and would error with all 4 led's steady ON. The other 4L sounded like it was having a gear problem because it was clicking loudly when attempting to feed paper. It would start to p/u paper but would stop.

I took the laser/scanner from the 4L that had the feed problem and fixed the one that was feeding blanks. I then just put the supposedly bad laser/scanner into the printer with the gear problem. I looked at the gears and put it back together. It did print about 10 pages or so, now it is erroring the same as the initial printer that was printing blank. If the laser/scanner was bad, shouldn't it just not work period?

If you think it is indeed the laser, how much do you sell these for? I am not sure it is worth putting to much money into this printer.



I've got a few scanners in stock at $69. The noise sounds like a bad motor gear. They tend to split. Can't buy a gear, have to buy the whole motor assy.
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