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Hp HP Color LaserJet 1500

HP 1500 1500L 2500 2500L Faded light print FIXED


This forum has been useful to me so I thought I would post the 'cure' to my printer problem for others benefit.

I have a HP1500L (same guts as the 2500) that was in perfect working order until it moved location. Toners all 90\% and drum 80\%. One thing to note is that someone had a major toner accident and the inside of the printer looked like someone had dropped a yellow toner bomb in and closed the lid! However the print was still fine and displayed no problems.

After the move the print quality was very light on the right hand side. The left was fine but the right looked 'washed-out, it looked a bit like vertical bands of lightness were on the right of the page. There were no error lights on the printer.

I read all about possible toner/drum problems and the transfer roller sounded like a major culprit. However, as the printer was perfect before the move, I thought that surely such a major failure of a component was unlikely.

The problem proved to be very simple! During the move all the loose toner in the printer had moved around and some of it had settled on the window of the laser/scanner assembly. I downloaded the service manual from the following location:


and it helped with the dissassembly. I just hoovered the window of the laser assembly (I did not need to open the unit) and everything was perfect again! I also hoovered the rest of the toner up from all over the printer.

It only took an hour or two to sort.

I hope this info is useful to someone.

Good Luck
Before vacuuming up toner please read:


If you want to vacuum up toner a vacuum rated for toner is absolutely necessary!!!
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