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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP LaserJet 4M Plus Network Question

I posted about this model printer on 4/3/07.

I sent this same model to a friend of mine for his business in Minnesota. It printed test pages without a hitch but after installing drivers and cables, the MAC's were still not seeing the printer. Remembering what happened last time, I had him check for the Postscript SIMM and it wasn't there. I sent him a Postscript SIMM and it still wasn't getting recognized. I sent him a replacement JetDirect card. Still, no go.

Then I had a lightbulb moment when I realized that I sent him the Postscript SIMM for a LJ 4, not a 4+. I didn't have one for a 4+ handy so got one on eBay for him. He installed the new SIMM and printed the test page that shows the Postscript installed as well as the 16MB memory.

Here's the note I got from him:
"It didn't solve the problem. The test shows the RAM and PS SIMM installed but the MIO setup does not allow me to select the network to keep it selected. It always turns off."

He said his partner was an Apple VAR so he knows Apple computers and HP 4M printers. They have an iMac G4 with OS 9 connected to an ethernet hub.

Stephen & Moe, if you're around can you see something obvious that I'm missing. I'm stumped and could really use some advice.

Thank you,
It may be as simple as he does not know how to configure it. When it gets to the network configuration it will always defualt to no and you have to hit the plus key and then enter to change to yes and then hit the item key for the next item and when you get to the item you want to change again you have to hit the plus key and enter to change to yes and then other items will appear.
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DMZ, thanks for the response. I will dash off an email right now with your instructions and hope that this resolves it. I'll post again one way or the other.

Thanks again,
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