asked May 3, 2007 at 5:23pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP DesignJet 2500cp | Printhead problem

Hi, I just picked up a used 2500cp, and the display said to check the printheads. I looked at the nozzles, and it appeared that there was Kapton tape covering the nozzles (nice, previous owner!). So, not being familiar with this machine, and looking at the manual, I proceeded to remove the tape. Now I find that that tape is actually part of the circuitry, so it appears that I've destroyed all the printheads. Maybe they were bad anyway.

Next, I've found that they are super expensive to replace, and each one is part of a kit. I haven't been able to find just the printheads or printhead/cleaner combo. The kit also includes the huge cartridge, which I don't need, as they feel pretty full still.

So, are there any less expensive ways to navigate this scenario, like aftermarket printheads, etc? (the kits are c1806a, c1807a, c1808a, and c1809a, at about $150 each).

Any other advice for a newbie from an 'oldbie' on this machine?


There's always eBay...

Install the new heads with your old cartridges and keep an eye on your ink usage, when the inks are getting low install the new cartridges, (do it before they are empty).
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