asked May 16, 2002 at 6:14pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

LaserWriter 12/640 error

I have a LaserWriter 12/640 PS that I am "cleaning up" for a local "Computers for Education" program.

Both the <Paper Out> and <Paper Jam> lights flash during POST (Power-On Self Test).

Apple Printer Utility Indicates:
"PrinterError: fixing temperature malfunction"

This is the same errors when a LW Pro 630 needed a new fuser bulb.

Are there any resistances I can check to verify this? Where can I get a new fuser for this printer?

Thanks in advance.

BTW. The LW Pro 630 works great now.

I think this error is with all of us as i am facing this error while using it too. I mean i know it is because fo the over-temperature but it should not be like that. Also they provide linkedin profile writing service to manage thesis assignment easily. The company has to take a note on this problem when they are making this.

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