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Laserjet 1320 fatal error

I have a 1320 that gives a fatal error the majority of the time when printing. I thought it may have been due to the size of the jobs but upon testing it really doesn't seem to matter. Text, Acrobat, Graphics sometimes they'll print sometimes then end with a fatal error. Here are the symptoms:

I send the job to the printer via a Jetdirect 300x (external through parallel cable to printer)
The job light blinks on the printer.
The printer starts the print process. (rollers etc)
I hear what seems to be the paper pickup process. (clicking)

Right after the above step I get the fatal error lights, hitting Go to check secondary does nothing as the fatal error indicators stay lit.

The only thing left to do is to reset the printer and more often than not the error just repeats itself. I have checked the pickup roller and the paper path sensors that I can see, there are no issues with them.

Any tips on what to check next?
Disconnect the parallel cable.

Power cycle the printer, (leave it off for at least 5 seconds before you turn it back on).

Push and release the Go button, a demo page should print.

If the demo page does not print then the Go button might not be working.

If you get a fatal error when printing the demo page, then press and hold the Go button, what is the secondary pattern? (flashing or solid)

If the demo page works then print the config page, start with the printer in ready status, press and hold Go till the yellow light comes on, release Go. (A supplies status page should also print)

The config page will list the last few event log entries, please post them.

If the config page works, then test the printer by attaching the parallel cable to a PC, or use a USB cable.
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Hmm....This is a strange one, looks like a defective toner. I just happened to have a new toner sitting here and replaced the installed one with the new one to run the demo page (I've done it before and it's random whether or not it worked, same result with the engine test as I have the side covers off).

The printer has now printed everything I have thrown at it for the past 30min. I can't see anything wrong with the old toner, the contacts have wear spots from contact with the printer so I know that's ok. I can move the drum with my fingers on the gear, it's a relatively new genuine toner (under 500 pages).

I'll keep testing it and see if I can break it.
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And the errors listed on the config page were...
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Sorry, I was too excited that this thing decided to start working. There are 2 codes in the status log that repeat:

50003 is the most common and 3 that are 40022.


EDIT: I should add that I have roughly counted the number of pages I have printed since I replaced the toner and all the errors were previous to the new toner (according to the page count).
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after putting the printer through it's paces, duplexer and all it seems that i still get 50003 errors every now and then but a lot less often than before.

is there anything particular that i should be looking at? does it sound like the fuser is on its way out?
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When you get a fatal error the printer should stop with the Power, Go, and Attention lights on solid.

If it does that push and hold the GO button and post the secondary code that will be displayed.

After some research I have determined that the 50003 error is probably a bad fuser, but it might also be another component.

The 40022 errors were probably paper jams.

50003 Fuser error
50004 Beam detect error, bad laser/scanner
50005 Scanner motor error
50007 Engine communication error
50012 Bad malfunction
50013 Laser malfunction
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When I push the Go button only the power (next to the "U" shaped symbol) stays lit. When I let go, it goes back to the fatal error lights.
by wchan on May 6, 2007 at 8:11am Add comment
fuser needs to be replace.
by unknown on May 6, 2007 at 8:27am Add comment
I have realized that I was calling the ready light the power light.

So let me start over:

The printer has 4 lights, Toner, Attention, Ready, and GO.

A Fatal Error is indicated when the Attention, Ready, and Go lights are on solid.

The "U" shaped symbol is by the ready light.

If the secondary error code is the Ready light on, other lights off, then you have:

Laser/scanner error. The laser/scanner has a malfunction.

1. Check the laser/scanner cable connections.

2. If the error persists, replace the laser/scanner.
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Ok, I got it to fail, upon holding the Go button during the fatal error the following lights are on:

Go light
Ready light

When I let go it goes back to the fatal error combination.
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If the secondary error code is the Go and Ready lights on, then the problem is

Fuser error. The fuser has malfunctioned.

1. Unplug the printer for a minimum of ten minutes to reset the error.

2. Verify that the fuser connector and thermistor connector are both firmly plugged in to the ECU.

3. Replace the fuser.
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I was just at a LJ 1320 with 15T pages,
Number Code Page Count
1 50013 15631
2 50013 15625
3 50013 10733
4 50013 10309
5 40022 6636
6 40022 5076
7 40022 3103

Took a laser with me, swopped it, no change (that was the error at 15631)

Checked the pick-up roller, smooth as a baby's tail top, swopped it, problem fixed, printer is now at 15684 pages.

Moral of the story: believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

Why the printer brought up the error as 50013, I have no idea.
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I have HP 1320 and the fuser error. I just wants to confirm the which connector is the thermistor connector. Is this J206?
And on J206 Connector i am having only 3 pins, so please tell me know how to check the resistance? as in the manual they are saying that J206 should be having 4 pins. my printer also don't print any thing, not the test page also. Do this happens during the fatal errors.
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when i press the go button the attention light keeps blinking until i let go off the go button
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