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Hp HP OfficeJet 7210

Officejet 7210 Grabs Multiple Sheets

Hi, I have an HP 7210 which has been working great up until about a week ago. It is grabbing multiple sheets of paper when printing which sometimes cause it to print a page on 2 sheets(first part of page on one sheet and rest of page on sheet below it). I've been in computer repair for 25 years and have repaired HP printers for the last 10 years and on most inkjets this problem is resolved by a good cleaning, mainly the rubber pickup rollers. I have done this yet the symptom still occurs. I thought about possible seperater pad but then remembered those are on laserjets not inkjets(DOH!). I've completely inspected the unit and see no signs of physical damage in the pickup or exit assemblies. The printer is rarely used and is in almost new condition. Is there something I'm missing? Is there an adjustment that needs to be made or a part that is worn out but dosen't look worn out? This is the first one I haven't been able to resolve this problem with and it's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
Remove the paper from the tray. Look inside and you'll see a small cork pad under the right roller. That's your separator pad and that's what's bad. HP might actually have the tray part available.
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Every OfficeJet I can recall working on also has a rubber separator pad hidden under the middle feed roller.

The RRR seems to work on them.


You can remove the cleanout door and look under the tire and see the pad.

Try a test page with the clean out door removed and no paper in the printer and watch and see if the pad is being lifted when the edge of the paper tray is lifted.

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OK thanks guys. Guess the officejets do have a separator pad. Thought just the lasers had them. The cork one that you're talking about, does it look like the cork one on a 2 and 3p laserjet? I will check for both types and hopefully thats the problem. Thanks for the help.
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Different kind of cork material and smaller.
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I am having the same problem -- 7210 grabs multiple sheets. Opened rear access panel and cleaned the rollers with distilled water. Removed paper tray, reached in and cleaned cork pad visible just beneath the second roller from the right (facing front of printer).

Do I need replacement parts? Adjustment? Where? How? Thanks.
Moe - I did not see a repair kit offered.
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when i have problems with cork sep. pads i use to
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