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Hp HP DesignJet 4000

HP LaserJet 5100 Error 13.5

My HP LaserJet 5100 is getting error 13.5. The toner is applied to the page, but the page doesn't get picked up by the fuser assembly.

Last week, a user tried to run some "Laser" pieces of foil adhesive through our LaserJet 5100. The pieces jammed the printer, and ultimately we discovered them wrapped around the fuser assembly.

I ordered the Maintenance Kit (even though we only had about 20,000 pages), and installed the new fuser assembly, as well as the transfer roller.

The printer initializes, and then shows ready. But when I try to print a test page, (from the configuration menu on the printer) it does not complete. I can hear the paper feeding (either from tray 2 or from the manual tray (tray 1). I can watch/hear it being pulled in and the toner gets applied to the page. I can hear it rub against something moving for less then a second, and then I get error 13.5 Clear Paper Jam Look Under Toner.

When I remove the toner cartridge, the leading edge of paper is sitting up against the fuser and has all the info on it, but it has not been taken up into the fuser at all. The trailing edge is on the transfer roller.

I have taken the fuser in and out several times - sometimes it makes a loud noise during startup and when trying to feed the fuser.

I also reinstalled the new transfer roller. A strange thing I noticed is that the right side of the transfer roller has a white gear with teeth on it, but there doesn't seem to be anything that those teeth connect to.

I tried the Engine Test found on this website, and I got 13.5 error again. The sheet itself was located in the same place under the toner cartridge, and had lines on it.

I found another thread here which seemed to be similar to my issue, but it is for the 4000 printer. I definitely don't see the white cam arm it references, but it is a different model so I don't know if I should have one or not. (

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

The transfer roller is driven off of the fuser. It seems like the fuser isn't turning. Watch the output rollers on the top of the printer and see if they turn when paper is moving through the printer. They are driven off of the fuser.
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Moe, it seems like the fuser isn't turning, although my colleague thought he saw the orange part of the fuser assembly moving today. (Of course we had to remove the back and press in the lever to bypass the back panel sensor in order to see that.) The output rollers above that were not moving.

Is it possible that power to the whole fuser section has somehow been shorted by the metallic paper that it jammed on?

Or did I just get a bad fuser assembly in the maintenance kit?

Stephen, thanks for the clarification. - melissa7
The transfer roller is driven by the toner cartridge.

I think Moe needs a vaction, or more coffee...
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Aaaargh! Open mouth insert foot. I meant to say toner cartridge. Have to check my posts before I hit enter. - moe
The easy way to tell if the fuser is turning is to put you fingers on the rollers in the output assembly at the top and when you open and close the toner door those rollers should turn as they are driven by the fuser. If they do not turn, remove the fuser and turn the gear by hand to see if in fact it is working. It is always possible you got a bad fuser but just look at the gear of the fuser and match it with the gear inside the printer to see if some teeth or whatever of missing on the gear inside.
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You can take the toner cartridge out and manually turn the large gear with your fingers. I use my thumb. This will in turn drive the fuser and you don't have to worry about bypassing any interlocks to do so.
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When I open and close the toner door, there are little brushes spinning that tickle my fingers at the output assembly at the top.

Another thing that may be important. When the original jam happened, about the sixth time we removed the toner cartridge, I noticed a black plastic piece on the left side under the toner cartridge sitting on top of the rollers. The black piece is about 4 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, and has raised lines on the top running the short way along the piece. On the back side are two 1.5 inch long arms with hooks on them.

After much searching, we decided that it fit on the left side where two plastic plates meet, and snapped it in. The raised lines match up perfectly with similar raised lines (feeder lines?) on those plates. Did we do the right thing?

Thanks again for your help. The boss is ready to buy a new one, but I'm not willing to give up on this investment yet!
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Behind the transfer roller is the feed belt assembly. There should be a wide belt in the center and two thinner belts on each side which terminate at the rear of the assembly. Remove the fuser again and make sure those belts are connected right at the back of the printer. There is a little I think white plastic roller with pin thru it which snaps into the back of the assembly for each of the thin belts.
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Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions. The belts referred to in the last post were fine, so I took it in for service. They diagnosed a broken gear on the Main Drive Assembly and I had it replaced.

Between the maintenance kit and the new Main Drive Assembly, it was quite a bit of money for this old thing. I hope I didn't throw good money after bad.

Anyway I wanted to update the post in case others run in to the same issue.
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when i give the print on 5100 laserjet it show me tray 3 for A3 paper.. but there is no tray3,what i do pls tell me.
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Dear Sir,

My Printer Modle No.(hp LaserJet 5100)

I would like to ask you about this error. because when i send any print out from PC so this error is Comming.

Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalAttribute
Operator: LineRelPath
Position: 919

So Please give me any advice what should i do.

Thanks and Regards
Dar Al Salam Printing and Publishing

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The problem of HP PCL6 driver.
Reinstall driver or try to use PCL or PCL5e driver.
PS (PostScript) driver is the another choice.
Go to HP web to download what you need.
by healthup on Jun 22, 2009 at 1:04am Add comment
It could also be caused by a bad network card or formatter board.
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Ok, I changed the fuser gear and put the original drive assembly back in..SUCCESS!
The two drive assemblys had the same part number RB2-1853 0n the side plate and RB2-1859 on the little plate that holds a plastic cap. The two motors were different and the circuit board attached to them. The original drive assembly (from the 5100) had a blue connector on the board, the drive assembly from the 5000 had a white connector. All of the gears matched up, the only difference I could find was the motor/circuit board. If it helps anyone the part number on the motor from the 5000 was RH7-1357 01, I don't remember the number from the 5100 motor only that it was different.
Good luck on yours,
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