asked Apr 7, 2007 at 7:26am
Ibm IBM Laser Printer 3116

Optra LX+ (or simalar lexmark or IBM 3112 3116

I have had this printer for 5 years. The cart I bought, an OEM, started printing light, then developed horizontal streaks. I replaced it with another OEM cartridge, which was bought on ebay, this is definately not a refill jobbie.

That thing printed so many horizantal lines and vertical streaks, I decided to try a new OEM cartridge. When I took the old cart and shook it a bit, it printed quite well, but has two little smudges on the right margins. These look like light colored triangles, very light, and a 5 inch repeat. That tells me somewhere in there is a 1.59 inch diameter roll somewhere.

I am a mechanic, but somewhat of a laser printer novice, I fixed an old IBM years ago.

What could this roller be? Is it in the top of the machine above the toner cartridge? How do I check it and get to it?

Can replacements be bought, or would it be better to buy a used lexmark Optra LX+ on ebay, a parts unit??

So to sum up, cart I am using now probably hit its life of 14000 sheets, it leaves these 5" telltale marks. the replacement one (OEM in box) Leaves so many verticle blank spots and horizantal stripes, matches the diameter of the drim in the cart, that it seeems unusable.

Any advise on any or all of these topics would be greatly apprecited. I love my "old workhorse" and want to fix it, not replace it.