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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

"Engine Error" HP 2840 all-in-one

Hi all,

I have a 2840 all-in-one unit that keeps coming up with "engine error" on the display screen then a tick in brackets to continue but the error keeps looping and nothing happens. I was thinking it might be the Formatter board but to purchase one of those, it's almost the cost of a new unit.

Anyway any help would be great in this matter.

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I assume the error is "engine comm error" If so that is an internal communication error and if the error continues the manual says only to turn off the printer and turn it back on. I would think if it continues you may have to bring it in for service.
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Thanks for that DMZ but yes all the error says is "Engine Error" turn off then turn back on, and thats all it say's. It is in for a service at the moment but they can't find out why its doing it. - Freak
I hope it went into service at an authorized service provider since they have the ability to call hp technical support which should have some answers as to what the problem may be.
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Did you ever get your "Engine Error" problem solved. i am experiencing the same problem. Was it expensive to fix it. DId'nt know whether to fix or replace.

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Having the same problem. Any bright ideas before I throw this thing out my window?
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I am having this same issue. I have replaced the Carousel, the Low Voltage Power Supply, the Formatter, and the DC Controller, with no change. Anyone find a fix for this yet?
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I have just had a printer with the same problem. The solution was to change the drum.
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I just changed the drum and i have a problem ever since - any ideas?
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I am from HP support (Czech) and I have found the following
In case of Engine Error message try to print the config page.
Look at end of this page, to the section "Error log".
If there are logged errors 41.2000 try to replace laser assembly, it should help.

This error is undocumented and this is what I have invented right now.
I hope it will be useful

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This printer asked for drum replacement - done that. Then asked for black toner - done that. Cycles up and now ask for black toner. It is oem toner and all instuctions were followed. Any ideas on this? Oh yes oem drum unit also. Maybe a sensor problem?! Please help.
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I have the same problem with on that was brand new yesterday. From this discussion, it would not appear there is much of a solution, and is probably a problem with some kind of bug in the design of the HP CLJ 2840.

Also the sheet feeder has all the makings of a cheep buggy paper jamming piece of crap.

I think the wise thing to do would be to just take it back to Officemax and get my money back and not recommend HP printers for a while. I've been running HP's lasers for 25 years now and this 2840 is about the cheapest tinniest laser printer I've ever owned. For the price I paid, I can buy three Samsung's or 2 Brothers with similiar features that if anything are better quality this this piece of junk.

So much for HP quality. Is HP making thier stuff in China now? .
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I have a 2840 all-in-one unit that keeps coming up with "scanner Error 5" and asks to turn off then on. I have done that and still the same error shows. Please let me know what to do...
Thanks..... ned
by NedBrutus on Oct 8, 2008 at 11:31am Add comment
Scanner error 5 means that the printer cannot find calibration strip inside the scanner. Simply, the scanner CCD chip is blind.
You will have to replace the whole scanner. - unknown
I gave up, took the HP 2840A back to Office Max. I got on HP's web site and it was a discontinued printer. They are having quite a sale on refurbed ColorLaserjet 2840. I think it must be one of thier poorer models.

In any case, I bought the new HP ColorLaserJet CM2320nf, which is pretty much that new model of the 2840, but was about 50 bucks cheaper, has more features and works like the 25 years of HP laser performance that I have come to expect from HP!.

One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch. I'm just happier than a hog in slop that Office Max refunded my money and I found the new model at Staples.
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I have a hp 2840 that pushes the last page half way out. If I print out page 1 page 1 comes half way out. If I print out 10 pages page 10 comes half way out. 100 pages page 100 comes half way out. All other pages print fine last page has to be pulled half way out. Seems like rollers shut off after page is half way out. Could problem be registration sensor?

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I know this is an older thread but I also have a HP Color Lasejet 2840a that now has a Scanner error code 5 . Is it worth taking it in for a look or do I just give up ? It has been a real pain lately. I also recieved error codes 4 and 2 .

Thanks Dave
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Dave: Scanner error 5 is error in finding calibration label black/white transition and then finding calibration label black squares. In fact the CCD chip is blind. So you have to replace the scanner unit.
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Thanks Tom,
Any idea on how to replace the scanner ? Or do I just replace the whole unit ? Sounds expensive.

Thanks again,

Dave - Anonymous
Scanner part number is Q3948-60191. You have to find out the price in your country yourself. :-) The replacement procedure is not difficult and it is not necessary to do any calibrations or adjustments after replacement. So don't worry.
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Have had on going problems with all HP products. A big company that over charges for poor products, and refuses to service what they sell unless you turn your bank account over to them. What a sham. All in the above negative blog experienced on my 2840 MFP, and still no resolution after spending more on supplies and service than this piece of junk is worth. CAVEAT EMPTOR: DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS!!!!!
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So we had the same engine error message. We literally thought it was ready to be junked. It turned out, that the drum had a piece of paper jammed in it. It was removed easily, and the unit worked perfectly after that.

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