asked Mar 19, 2007 at 4:50pm
Epson Epson Stylus Pro Pro

Epson Stylus Photo R250

So i buy this new printer. Its a good looking unit and the place i work for used to sell them and we had no problems.

So i bought one. Hmm well im about to make this printer a very nice boat anchor!

I hooked it all up and went to install the drivers as instructed. Turned the printer on and i get a warning on windows (Windows XP Pro SP2) saying "the usb device attached has malfunctioned and may not function properly"... i love windows suggestions! "please try to reconnect the device, if it fails again replace unit" (!!)

The installation software is at the stage of "connecting to device please wait two minutes" When the 2 minutes is up, it says "device cannot be recognised"

I spoke to a tech mate and he suggested uninstalling everything in safemode and start again. To no avail. He then stepped me through removing all epson strings from the registry... still same fault occurs when i turn the printer on.

I thought: "ahh i know what i can try! i have another computer downstairs! lets start a fresh and follow the instructions step by step"

So i did that... got to the part where the software asks me to plug the printer in and turn it on. SAME FAULT message. Its now installed an "unknown device" which according to the help file on epsons disc is a common windows 98 fault!!

I then tried downloading updated drivers off their website. Still wont recognise.

Any suggestions? Before the neighbour sees me throw it out onto the road?

Have you tried another usb port,tried another usb cable.
If you have done both of these things probably a faulty printer as it is new you should take it back for replacement or testing
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