asked Dec 4, 2000 at 1:41pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II


A while ago my trusty old LaserWriter II NTX has suddenly failed me. It turns on normally, green light comes on. Apple Printer Utility 2.2 accesses it successfully. Downloads fonts and everything. But when I try to print, and also when I enabled the printing of the test page, it prints a completely black page with four thick, clear lines about a 1/2 inch apart at the top of the page and the Red Paper Out light and the Red Paper Jam lights start blinking and the Green Ready/In Use light goes out. If I turn the printer off and then back on, the Green Ready/In Use light comes back on, and the >other lights do not come on. The Orange Low Toner Level light did come on the first time, but never again (3 tries to print). I assume I am not low on toner, as when that happens, the printing becomes light, and the Orange light comes on. After sitting quietly for several months, I tried it agin, and it worked, I printed several pages, then we cleaned the printer as well as we could. I figured that dust or hair had created a short which as the machine discharged, fell away. But the next time i tried it, same black page. Is there a repair I could do myself?. Is there a part I need that I could purchase and install myself? I do have access to some fairly experienced electronic friends. Any help would be appreciated.


Michael Logue [email protected]

Beam detect error. Check out our connector tweaking page in our troubleshooting section.
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