asked Mar 6, 2007 at 1:58pm
Epson Epson AcuLaser C8500

Epson Aculaser C8500 Error code C511

Someone has said this may be to do with the transfer belt. Can anyone confirm this & what action is to be taken?
C511 does not exist, so you must mean E511.
That would either be caused by the main motor failing or the transfer belt needing to be replaced.

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Yes must be E511, main motor does seem to be turning OK, goes so far through the process then stops with E511. So think it is to do with the transfer belt. Could there be a sensor around the belt that needs cleaning or is it a definate replacement? - Easyfix
If you remove the transfer high assy (the whole unit with the belt on), and look towards the back of the assy,you should find a small silver reflective square stuck to the edge of the belt (you may have to rotate the belt by hand to find it).

If you are lucky this will either just be dirty or just starting to peel away, in which case you can just clean it or try to re-attach it, although this can be difficult. If the square is missing completely, then you would need to replace the belt.

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