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Lexmark c510 squeaking

My Lexmark c510 squeaks every time I print a page, we are talking loud squeaking, like a hamster running in a wheel. It has done this since I first got it. But over time it started leaving multi colored marks on the edges of my page. Lexmark said the photodeveloper and the fuser are bad so they sent me new ones. That did not fix the squeaking, but the lines went away for a time. Now the lines are back and Lexmark is sending me a new photodeveloper, this is after printing maybe 1000 pages on the one thats in there. I think I received a bad printer, but now the printer is out of warranty (don't know why they are sending a photodeveloper free then) and he said if the printer is damaged they can't replace it. I think that they should replace it anyway. Anybody having the same problem. Thanks for input.
We've had that same issue; replacing toner offending toner cartridge fixed it.
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It could be one of the clutches that drive the toner cartridges, there are 4 clutches which drive the CMYK toners individually. Easy way to find out which clutch is causing this noise is to print a test page from your computer using Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ,one color at a time. obeserve when the noise appears, These clutches usually make the squeaking noise when the "C" clip which holds the clutch gets rusted due to moisture, once you narrown down the issue to one color lubriacating the clutch sould resolve the issue.( these clutches are on the right side of the printer, you would have to remove the right side cover. In this case I would nt suspect a toner becuase they usually cause grinding noise. (If you just want to make sure its not the toner , try to turn the gear on the toners manually counter clockwise one by one for all toners. IF the toner is causing the issue you should be able to hear a squeaking or clicking noise )
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I have the same problem and have narrowed it down to the cyan clutch squeaking! I know this needs lubricating, but am a bit cautious as what oil?? to use? any ideas? Thanks - Anonymous
RE: "But over time it started leaving multi colored marks on the edges of my page."

Did it look anything like this? Was that problem solved? How?

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