asked Apr 30, 2002 at 11:37am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP 6P fuser(s)

What can be the real issue causing 3 fuser replacements in 6 months?

HP 6P, 5 years, 112K pages, always been great.

Fuser failed, or rather, a sheet of paper became glued into the fuser. An authorized HP repair affiliate said they replaced fuser, $200+.

5 months later, same thing. Another $200+

1 month later, same thing. Fixed as warranty.

Printer sees service of a few pages, but several times every day. However, in all failure cases, was printing a rare large document, double sided (two passes) and all failures were after 30 or 50 pages on the second side. In its youth, it used to do 150 sheets double sided real fine, but apparently no more.

In all cases, the last sheet that came out had rough particles stuck to the current side. Rubber roller?? Not sure what it was. Otherwise, it was doing fine until then. Never used a refill cartridge in it, only new HP. Using ordinary Hammermill CopyPlus paper.

Three fusers in 6 months? What can be the real issue here?

Repair service assures me only genuine HP parts were used. Even after paying for 2 fusers, the printer has still been a great bargain, but I cant keep doing that at this frequency. <g>

Seems to work fine, but I dont trust it any more, and wont dare try two sided printing now.
Is it time for a new one?
I see that a lot with those fusers. Cause is duplexing. If there are heavy black areas on the paper when you duplex, it'll glue itself to the rollers every time. You don't really have to replace the fuser assembly in most cases. You can just take it apart and carefully remove the paper.
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Thanks for the comment. It sounds like duplexing is to be avoided then. It used to do it just fine, but it's different now.
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