asked Feb 18, 2007 at 4:57pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Laserwriter Pro 630 Indicator Lights

My Apple Laserwriter Pro 630 has given many years of wonderful service, but I am now having a problem. There are four indicator lights on the front of the printer, the first (to the left) light is green and indicates that the printer is on. Next is the toner light then the paper light. What is the last of the four lights? It looks like a pair of rollers with paper or something passing through the rollers. The printer never finishes the startup sequence and then this fourth light comes on and stays on. Though I have a service manual and the owners manual, neither tells what the indicator lights are.

Well Duh!!! - It is the paper jam indicator that is on. I cleared the paper out and now hope to get a few more years from this printer.

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