asked Apr 28, 2002 at 8:19pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Imagewriter II Printer

I have 2 Apple Imagewriter printers, one works okay and the other has a Connector problem.

Your website doesnt give any fixes to Apple Imagewriter printers, why?


MODEL# A9M0320
SERIAL# 1678814

This printer was in storage for about 5 years, a (REAL MOUSE) decided to make a home in my printer.

The problem is there are 2 connector wires the mouse chewed on, some are still intact and could be taped but 1 the mouse chewed completely thru.

To gain access to the chewed on wires to connectors(ON IMAGEWRITER II) printer, this is the panel that has the:
Power switch, online etc and light led's.
In the compartment where the print mechanism is there are 2 screws you unscrew, then you can take the plastic panel cover off.

Under this cover there is a long slender PCB board, on the Left hand side there are 2 connectors with wires, these are the (CHEWED ON WIRES).

Like a dumbo I didnt make a drawing of how the wires insert into the PLASTIC connector, on the back side of the plastic connector you can push on the metal connector and push it out of the plastic connector case.

Well there are 2 connectors:

1 Small connector 3 wire COLORS:RED, YELLOW, BLK
1 Large Connector 7 wires: purple,orange,grey,blue,red,white,brown

I need to know what pins (on the PCB) that these wires connect to.

My working Imagewriter II printer I took this panel off and the wiring isnt the same for the
Small connector, but is the same for the Large connector.

If you could get some info on what pins these wires attach to for the Small connector I should be able to make this printer work okay.

I think with a little Electricians tape most of the wires will be okay.

I hate pesky Mice they sure are pests.

I had no idea they would chew on wires etc.

I would appreciate any information you have on this subject.

I have looked all over on the internet with little success.