asked Apr 25, 2002 at 12:57pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

printer causes pc to make noise

I have an Epson stylus 660 connected to a amd 350, running win98 se. When I go to printer properties and print a test page, as soon as it starts printing, the pc starts making a high pitched noise. I have to reboot to stop it. I reinstalled the printer and put on a new (ieee) cable.
The test print comes out fine.

thanks in advance
Are you 100\% positive its from the PC, those epsons do that right before they print but only for a few seconds then print.
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It's from the pc. The page printed ok, and the noise continued until I rebooted.
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If you are sure it is coming from the computer, it could be the processor over heating.... Many motherboards have an alarm that will go off if the processor is too hot, and the act of sending a print job may be maxing out the processor and thus the overheating... My first recommendation would be to check to be shure that the processor fan is running, and it is not obscured by dust.

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I hooked up an Epson 800 printer to the pc and it worked fine. Maybe it was the printer. I'll give this printer to the user, and when I have time I'll hook the 660 to another pc for testing.

Thanks for the responses

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