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Epson Epson LQ 300

epson r 300 how to Remove any foreign objects from

i keep geting this error but have not got any paper jamed in it
Delete all print jobs and turn the printer off. Remove any foreign objects from inside the printer. After a few minutes, turn the printer back on.

cant get cage too go back to right hend side or runner unless i put it there
has any one had this error or no how to clear it

regards ray
When you move the cartridge carriage does it move smoothly without a lot of "play" up / down / side to side / back to front ?
I am thinking that one of the metal bushes either side of the carriage has come adrift. If it has and is the right hand side one, it will be at the end of the carriage bar in the parking area, if the other one then look to the left end of the bar.
It can be refixed by wiping clean and applying a single drop of superglue before wobbling the carriage around so the bush can seated fully home. Be very careful to protect all surrounding parts from the glue.
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no i use in free flow ink i ? the sencer has got ink on it
but have cleaned what i think is the sencer but still same
it slides freeley but stops short of its bay

thanks for reply


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