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asked Jan 22, 2007 at 1:15pm
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP Laserjet 1200. I think it's the fuser.

On the left side of the paper when I print out an order entry form, there's a normally a crisp clear vertical line. Now this line is fuzzy and raised so that I can feel it with my fingers. Something else: When printing out a lease document on legal paper, there is a certain area of text down at the bottom (think semi-circular area of text in the horizontal middle of the paper) that looks bold and blurry/wavy.

Also, it leaves a black line on the green part of the toner cartridge.

Now, I THINK the problem is the fuser(or a piece that performs basically the same function), but I could be wrong.

I'm a computer builder/maintainer, Graphic Designer, IT, Database management if that helps. ...just don't know much about the innards of printers.

Thank you.
Since the fuser is past the toner cartridge, there's no way it can leave a line on it. If you lower the back door, you can see the fuser assembly. Look inside, the gray film on top is what shreds. If it goes all the way across, it's good. If you can see metal, it's bad.
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Sounds like the toner. :-)PCRMike
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The formatter is the interface board.

The ECU, (engine board), gets sent an image by the formatter and it takes care of the rest of the printing process.

The laser/scanner fires a laser beam that writes an image on the drum.

The drum is the slick green or blue roller in the toner cartridge.

Toner in the cartridge sticks to the parts of the drum that have been written by the laser.

The transfer roller is the thingy that is opposite the drum when the toner cartridge is installed, a static charge on it pulls the toner off the drum and on to the paper.

The fuser melts the toner to the paper.

Click on the crossed tools and if you figure out what I am I'd sure like to know... .
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