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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Laserjet 2840 Initialization loop after IP chg

Printer was working fine. Tried change ip address on the printer and got an Error 49. Rebooted the printer but it goes in a continuous reseting initializing loop and i can't get access the Menu to change the settings back. Tried holding down the Menu and * button on reboot to try to reset the printer (is that the correct reset procedure?)but it continues to go in an initializing loop and won't stop.

The Error 49 is gone and the LCD only reads "Hewlett Packard" on the top line and on the bottom line the cursor races left to right going through this continuous cycle. No additional hardware or memory was added to the machine and i can't cycle the print cartridges to remove them via the Cartridge button as non of the buttoms are responsive.

Any help, thanks
If there is a JetDirect card installed power off the printer, remove it, then turn it back on. (I don't recall if this model had an embedded JetDirect, or an EIO card)

If it had a 615N in it then you can get a 620N to replace it from:
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The 2840 comes with a embedded network port. When you turn on the machine the menu will do what you say and then you should hear the motor turn for 45-60 seconds. Do you hear the motor turn. If so the next itme should be the scanner warmup and if you lift the lid you should see the scanner bulb lit. Is it? Now a 49 error on most hp printers is a firmware error and it is possible that somehow the firmware has become corrupt. If that is the case you need to call hp customer care and if under warranty, they may send you a recovery firmware dimm which is a flash chip similar to what is in a camera to replace the defective firmware. If not under warrany you may have to purchase the chip and hopefully that will fix the problem e causing your issue.
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The motor does cycle but the scanner bulb does not come on. Once the motor stops cycling the lcd goes through its cycle of "Hewlett-Packard" on the top line and the cursor running on the bottom line and the green and orange alert lights just keep flashing. Is there a cold reset procedure you know of for this unit to try to get it back to factory defaults? Where is the dimm located and how do i access it to replace it.

I don't know about the JetDirect card as i didn't install one when i bought it.


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You will need to call hp customer care. The chip is located on the formatter board which is where the network cable attaches. There is no cold reset feature unless the printer is in the ready state. Since it cannot reach that state, there is no way to do it. My gut feeling is a firmware issue.
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Thanks for the reply. Do you know how much the Firmware Dimm's are and can you get them from different re-sellers online or just from HP?
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I cannot find a part number for it and the way the procedure works is hp sends you a recovery dimm which you insert in a slot with the power off. You then power on and that dimm then writes the updated firmware to the board and when finished you turn off the printer and remove the chip and then turn on again and everything should be ok. You may be required to bring it to a authorizied service center or even may need a replacment formatter.
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