asked Sep 3, 2000 at 3:31am
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Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR

Please help - My Problem: When cold, the NTR works good, after the second or third print job, the first page will print, and then a blank page prints, and then it stops. To make it continue, I open the door to the internals and promptly close it. Then it will print the next page, and then another blank page, and it stops. I have to do this routine to finish a print job. What is causing this and what can I do to solve it.
Thank you very much,
Neal U.
Oops! I leaped before I looked. After posting the "Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR" message, I began to explore more of your great website and came upon the Apple PLW Blank Page Error Repair Kit.(PLW means Personal Laser Writer..?..). I'm sorry Moe, I didn't follow the directions to use the message board as the last option. I ordered the kit today. You have a terrific site and I will spread the word to all my friends.
Mahalo much (thank you very much) - Neal
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