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asked Jan 7, 2007 at 7:49pm
Hp HP DeskJet 600

Reviving a Dead HP DeskWriter Printer

This is an answer, not a question.

After looking over the helpful posts here at, i found some hints, yet nothing addressing what i was experiencing head-on, which was a totally dead HP DeskWriter 660C. Yes, this is a 12+ year old printer, and one good answer would be to send it to e-waste and move on. However, as i want to keep the rest of the old Macintosh system going, and as this system requires a printer with a serial connection, and as such printers have not been available new since, oh say, 2000, i decided to fix the DW 660C.

What i found should apply equally to all HP 600-series inkjet printers.

As peripherally mentioned here in other posts, once the power supply has been confirmed OK, the leading suspect is the power switch itself, or more specifically, the wiring to it. (BTW, there is no fuse in this model that i can find.)

It was indeed oxidized flex PCB cable “wiring� creating an open circuit to the power switch.

The oxidation was over a long enough area that the flex cable had to be replaced with real wire, which brought in other complications. In the end, i have a reliable fix and the DW 660C (and the elderly Mac to which it is attached) has a new lease on life. I documented my work with photos and text, available on my website.