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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

problem with my HP color laserjet 2840 printer


i have a problem with my HP color laserjet 2840 printer.
When put on and it started initialising, it goes off automatically but the LED on the formatter board is still on.
please advice me on what to do.

stupid queston...i can't scan or i don't know how to. i try to and it reads "not set up on PC" what do i do?
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1. take the ADF off just unhook the two sides (don’t unscrew it from its arms) and unplug it from the screener
2. There are 6 screws to take out, 4 you can easily see and two you can’t see. For the two you can’t see are underneath the “control-panel faceplate”. The faceplate will come off by just pulling on one end and slowly pulling all the way up.
3. not sure what you call it, but underneath the screener’s bulb you will see a mirror. Take a Q-tip and clean it then take a can of air and spray it. After you do this, put the screener bulb unit at the left end of the unit, don’t go all the way over just where it would go if it was working right.

Put top back on, (you don’t need to put the ADF back on yet.
Turn on hp unit and see if it works. If it doesn’t work try it again. I’ve been working on this for three days, and I’ve got the unit to work fine after I cleaned it.

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Are you answering the poster above yours or what? The poster is having problems scanning to his pc which is a software and not a hardware issue. He needs to load the software that came with the MFP and then setup things so he can scan to the computer. It will not work without the software. - dmzcompute
If it's under warranty you might want to locate a HP AWDP to help you out:

If it's out of warranty start at the beginning and give us a thorough description of what's going on. (motors running, lights falshing, what's on the display, etc.)

Start with:

I turn the printer on and...
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I turn the printer on and it comes on but when initialising after 5 minute, it goes off and the display panel goes off too.
The light(LED) on the Fomatter board is always on and the motor is runing.
PRINTER not on warranty.


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Its the power supply. Its a common issue with that unit
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You've answered a 5 month old post, but to add to the discussion, HP has admitted to it being a design issue and there is a service note where they supply the $300 power supply for free under an extended warranty. I do not know how long the extension runs.
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Start: 2007-01-18

Expiration: 2009-01-18

Labor Covered: By Division

Parts Covered: By Division

I've done one of these using HP's Chinese instructions. They were actually in English, but the photos were from right to left so you had to hold them up to a mirror.
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Yea, Ive done a few myself. Currently I have an issue with a 2840, the panel says "scan error 5" Ive seen the error before but dont remember what the fix was. If I recall, it was not the document scanner, but a board or something else. Do you remeber what that was?
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I have the same problem with my 2840 printer.
Did you fix that problem ?
Would you help me ?
Thank you for a answer.
Cabral - Anonymous
Sorry, I've only worked on 2 of them and neither had that error. Maybe dmz or Stephen would know, except Stephen is laying on a beach somewhere.
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and dmz does not have a clue.
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Did Stephen say what beach he's basking on? I always take my laptop with me when I go on my brief 2 day vacation trips.
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Found this on hp forum.
by dmzcompute on Jun 26, 2007 at 6:13pm Add comment
yes i did, the problem was from the display pannel.

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Thank you for your message.
I turned the printer off and then I turned it on now it initializes the scanner makes clickings noises and I get the
error 5. Your printer did noises too ? How can I fix it if the problem is from the display pannel ?
Thank you for an answer.
Cabral. - Anonymous
Read the whole thread!
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Check the cable connections, especially the plug with the multicolored wires.

Then the scanner is the next recommended part to swap.

The formatter could also cause this problem.
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thank you for your message.

I checked the plug, it is ok.
What can I do regarding the scanner ?



- Anonymous
I just had this problem (scanner error 5) and replacing the scanner fixed that problem. $66 + shipping from
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Thank you very much indeed for your answer.
I sow the price on partsufer: US$120.16. Am I reaching the wrong part? Is it the Flatbed scanner assembly without the ADF assembly ?
Thank you for an answer.

- Anonymous
The part # I have is Q3948-60191 and the price is $66. Are you looking in HP US? It may have a different price if not.
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Thank you very much indeed.
Effectively I was choosing ‘Brazil’ in the site. And in this case the price is $120. But there is no possibility to buy directly with HP. I’ve contacted Hp Brazil but they don’t sell to individual customers. So, I am looking for an enterprise to buy it to me. Very complex, isn’t it?

Anyway thank you a lot for your’s messages and kindness.


- Anonymous
My Color Laser is just beyond it's warranty. I shut it off for a week while I went on vacation, and upon my return, it only prints on the right 25\% of the page. Both color and B&W fade in from nothing to OK by the right side of the page. Any ideas?

Really gotta love HP... The minute it went out of warranty,
they won't even talk to you without a credit card in hand.

Thanks in advance!

[email protected]
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The carousel assembly is more than likely out of alignment. There are alignment markers on the gears that turn the assembly and also on the carousel assembly itself. Usually it will only jump a few teeth. Once misaligned the toners on one side are to far away from the drum to transfer toner. I have made this repair several times and it corrects the problem every time. The alignment procedure can be a pain, but can be done. Good luck! - Texas Blues
it will be the carousel bushings being worn, open the unit and look down at between the transfer assembly and the toner cartridge drum - you are checking that the distance from the transfer belt to the drum is equal at both ends, I bet it's not! the bush on the left side will be worn out, cheap part but a nightmare to fit.

good luck - XS650HEAD
by Toonz2u on May 9, 2008 at 7:18am Add comment
I too have the issue with the carousel becoming mis-aligned. I heard some grinding noises a couple days in a row and the next thing I know it won't recognize any toner. How do you go about the re-alignement process?

Thanks for all your help! - Anonymous
my clj 2840 does not recognise any ogof the print cartridges after
initialization. The op-panel displays a ? mark fot the status of each cartridge.
Does anyone know how o fix this problem....Lloyd
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I am having that problem with my 2840. I turn on the printer is seems fine of a few seconds and then shuts off. I don't believe I have an extended warrenty. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue without calling HP?

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Power supply will fix it. That was a common problem.
by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2009 at 7:21am Add comment
Scanner error 3, involves what, and what do we need to do to remedy this situation?
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My HP Laserjet 2840 automatic document feeder will not pull documents in to be scanned or copied. The document is recognized and the bottom rollers are rolling, but the small roller on the feeder is not moving. The warranty expired in April.
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My Color Laser is just beyond it's warranty.

Only had an alingment problem, fixed it, now I get 59 0C error. try on/off and the same error again.

There is a noise at the next gear of carousel-engagement motor, because it stops at a gear's flag and the motor try to go on, as it can´t, make the noise and stops for security, after 2 seconds.

by rogermatrix on Aug 15, 2009 at 10:12am Add comment
Hi my printer having the same showing error 5.Please advice ME how can i rectify the problem

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Read the thread. It is a problem with the document scanner.
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I have problem with my hp color laserjet 2840 all in one. I cannot photo copy and scan it shows Scanner error 5. What I will do for this?
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You can read the thread. - moe
is there any way to switch the scanner off my 2840 printer it says the scanner bulb is bad and I dont ever use it ,I just only want to use the printer. thanks
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hi guys having problems with my HP 2840 PRINTER STARTS UP THEN SHUTS DOWN ANY IDEAR
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If the power goes completely off, then the issue is the low voltage power supply. Pain in the a** to change out.
by dmzcompute on Jun 5, 2011 at 1:29pm Add comment