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Inkjet Nozzle Cleaning??? Specific Nozzle?????????


It would seem to me that, in order to save this unbelievably expensive ink jet ink, there might be a SW engineer out there motivated enough to create an utility that could excersize the specific nozzle or nozzles in the print head that is blocked or maybe already has. It is generally only a small minority (many times only 1)of the many nozzles (on my Epson Stylus Photo 780 it appears to be 288 you experts please let me know if this is incorrect). Yet each time you run the nozzle cleaning function you pump expensive ink into what the industry calls the diaper for every nozzle in the printer that are working just fine. The industry laughing all the way to the bank as we waste our ink. In my case could be near 300\% waste. I have actually seen the bar graphs move on the quantities in the status monitor ink level report. So how about some feed back. Maybe this already exists or maybe others have considered it. A while back I sent an email to Epson customer support and got no response, I'm not surprised. I am curious over all what \% of ink goes into the diaper on the average printer in it's life? A statistic Epson, HP, Lexmark and the others I'm sure would not like us to know.


I have forwarded this message to an important media writer for this industry. I shall report his response if any.

Most people just make a page/photo with the color that they are having problems with then print it. A simple picture of just yellow, or Cyan, Magenta or Black.

Plus tons of web sites with "purge pages" just waiting for people to print. Here is a 4 color one that you can change into just the color you need

I never heard of a absorber or waste ink pad being called a diaper but I usually deal with other repair chops and not the industry folks in general
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HP calls the pads under some of the service stations diapers.

Rather that wasting any ink why don't you just use the cleaning kits they sell at this site?
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The idea of doing printing exclusively in the offending color or colors is better if it works. I had concidered it before and tried it, it did not seem to work as well as the cleaning function. It may not be intuitive as to how the printer produces color. But even if it did work, in my case each color has 48 nozzles, when one is blocked you would still be wasting ink out of 47 nozzles. I did bad math on the 300\% in my original post the correct percentage of waste is 28700\% assuming any ink at all gets through the blocked nozzle. The waste of a very expensive ink is massive and completely unresonable.

Using the cleaning solvent is manual and much less efficient then what I suggest. I'm hoping by bringing this up we might shame the devolopers into creating the SW to fix my printer at the lowest cost to their valued customer...:-)

Dan - StuartsIT
Using the cleaning solvent wastes no ink, and is more likely to remove the entire clog.

My belief is that flushing the head out with new ink only partially disolves the ink crystals in the head leaving it prone to reclogging.
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Hello Stephen,
You may be right, but on reinstalling the ink carts, the printer goes into priming mode and effectively empties the ink you saved in the first place. There's no winning with an Epson/Durabrite system.
- WaveGuide
Hello StuartsIT,
It's a great idea if it could be implemented. I reckon at least half of all the ink purchased for Epsons (Durabrite that is) gets wasted. It's a total rip off. I suspect Epson are now beginning to see that customers are fed up and are voting with their feet.

Why not submit your idea to the people at SSC, who develop the Epson Printer Utility? They are constantly asking for error reports and support requests from Epson users. This would be an excellent extension to the package if it was possible to purge individual jets. Go to for details.

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