asked Dec 28, 2006 at 11:23am
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+


Back in 2001 we used your company to help diagnose and fix a problem on our HP IIIp. It has worked famously ever since – helping keep this 11 year old printer alive and kicking – many thanks for that. In that instance we needed to fix the inside printer accordion jam.

Our current problem - when the HP IIIp printer engages it makes a loud click every 2 -3 seconds as it works the paper through the roller. The first line of printing on the paper is perfect but it gets progressively smeared as it moves down the page. The festivities wrap up with a small accordion fold at the bottom of the page (again getting worse with each page).

Initially after reading your description, I thought it was the external top roller accordion jam … but the same problem occurred (in fact it got stuck totally) when I switched the output to the front as you indicated on your web site.

Do you have any other suggestions? Your help and this site is very much appreciated. I almost through the printer away the first time, I hope I can get as lucky a second time.


Follow the fuser removal instruactions. Check the dual white gear at the right of the fuser. Teeth are probably worn and pointy looking. We have replacement gears. Click on my name and email me.
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