asked Dec 27, 2006 at 1:55pm
Hp HP Color Copier 120

HP 3020 black line on all printouts

Our HP 3020 all-in-one laser printer is printing a vertical black line on everything we don't lighten first. We have changed the toner cartridge and cleaned out the printer to the best of our ability, yet the problem persists. I am hesitant to call out our computer repair guys, as they charge $120 just to come out. Have you heard of anyone else with a similar problem? Is there anything more you can suggest we do before calling out the professionals?
Only 2 things can cause lines, the cartridge and the fixing film. You can stop the paper inside the printer by opening the door while it is printing. If you see the line on the paper, then it is caused by the toner cartridge. If the line isn't present, then the only place it can be applied is the fixing film assembly. Why are you calling computer repair guys to repair a laser printer? $120 seems a bit high for a service call.
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First off is the line present when you send a print job from the computer or only when you make a copy. If only from the scanner, then try to make a copy by placing the orignal on the glass and not using the adf and tell us if the line is still present. You can also do a half test by placing a sheet on the top manaul feed of the paper tray and then print a report from the menu and when the back edge of the paper enter the printer, open the toner door to stop printing. Remove the toner and look at the unfused image. If the defect is there it is the toner cartridge. If the defect is not there it is the fuser. Again if you use this only to copy, then run one of the reports to see if the line is present. If the reports print out fine or computer prints print out fine, then the issue is residue on the glass on the far left side.
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