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Hp HP LaserJet 4SI

hp lj 4si and envelop feeder

I bought this second hand envelop feeder for my hp lj 4si. For some reason, I can not get it working.... Maybe the feeder is defect, I am not sure. But since I don not have any manual about it, maybe I did not install it properly? Anyone know what I have to do? The setting in the printer? Settings in the driver? I am using the Windows / Office 2000. Anyone have a copy of the manual?

btw this spring i installed a duplexer in the 4si. this worked fine from the beginning, no setups, anywhere
Not that much to installing it. You just plug it in the front. Print out the self test out of the TEST MENU. It should show the envelope feeder as installed, as well as the duplexer option.
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Hi Moe,
Thanks for your response. Yes, thats's what I did. I took out the small plastic cover above the upper paper tray. The connector and support for the envelop feeder are behind that. The envelop feeder can be plugged in now. I only have to remove the lid on for the upper paper tray, otherwise the envelop feeder will not fit. Is that ok? The extra feeder appears on the printout from the test menu, next to the duplexer option. But when I try to print from the new feeder, it will not work.
Marco Polak

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Hi Moe,
Did some experimenting today.... With the settings in the printer driver. I have some results now. The paper is pulled from the envelop feeder. So I thought success. But no, the envelop feeder seems to try to put the put the paper in the printer, but the printer does not pull it further in. Or the envelop feeder does not let the paper go, when the printer wants to pull the paper in? I do not know which of thw two? Anyhow, I get a 13.2 error. The paper is shifted in the printer almost all the way, only 2 or 3 cm stay in the envelop feeder. Bytheway, I modified the the lid on the upper paper tray. Remove the manual guides. Now I can use the lid and thew feeder at the same time. I think I need the lid, it is part of the paper path.
Any advice welcome....
Thanks in advance

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and again a bit progress. If I check the paper which got stuck carefully, I see some black stripes. This seems to be the position of the paper pickup roller in the printer. I tried it 4 5 6 times, same result every time. So I guess my problem is: "the printer is trying to pull the paper in, but the envelop feeder will not let the paper go." And the envelop feeder seems to win this fight. I open teh feeder and see many gears. pulley's, clutches. No idea how it works exactly. I will check it out, clean clutches (maybe some hard greas which is blocking?)... Wish me luck
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You're right that you need a special lid on upper tray.
Without it a envelope feeder won't work. I don't know a part# of this lid and I coudn't find it on the part itself.

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Thanks YP for your response,

Anyone who knows about this special lid? Is it very much different form the "standard lid" on the paper tray? Anyone has a photo of it? On www.printerworks.com I found a part nr RG01-2808, but no photo.... AT the moment, I use the LJ4SI standard lid, and removed the manual paper guide which was on the lid. Now I can mount the upper paper tray with lid and the envelop feeder. But I can not use the feeder yet, paper gets stuck (seems that the printer wants to pull in the paper, but the feeder willnot let the paper go)

any help appreciated
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It looks like you're right- part# RG1-2808
I use it with a letter size paper tray.
Good Luck,
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So you have this special lid? Can you mail me a photo?
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You don't need a photo. The special lid is totally flat on top.
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So if I take the standard lid from a lj4si (A4 paper), and remove the paper guides for inserting paper manually, there remains a lid which is flat (I think). I did this, and it does not work....
Or is the RG1-2808 diffrent size? Longer, so it supports the envelop more into the printer?
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Give me your email and I'll send you a picture
YP - Ypshec
My mail: [email protected]
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To: all
Good news! It's working. I took the feeder apart, cleaned gears and clutches (very dusty) and put it back together again. After first test: its working fine! Strange thing: I don't actually know what caused the problem.... Would be nice to know what was wrong with it....
Thanks all, for the support!
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