asked Nov 29, 2000 at 9:27am
Hp HP DeskJet 1100

HP 1100 sensor problem

I installed the HP 1100 multi-feed repair kit successfully a few days ago. I had to wait for a new toner cartridge to arrive, and installed the cartridge today. The printer gave me a blinking attention light when I turned it on. I finally figured out that the paper sensor arm underneath the pickup rollers is not seated correctly.

If I let the arm rest on top of the white pickup roller mount, the printer blinks the atttention light. If I push the arm back behind the roller mount, the printer will print a test page but will stop feeding with maybe 3/4 of the page exited from the printer. When I open the printer up, the arm is back in front of the roller mount and I have to push it back to get the printer to print again.

I would appreciate any advice, as otherwise this was a simple replacement procedure.

The arm should in no way be hitting the white arm of the roller assembly. This arm is the registration sensor arm. It does all its work below the roller arm. The forward position is where it senses the paper and momentarily stops it and waits for everything to sync up. The lower portion of the arm blocks and unblocks an optical sensor. I can't imagine how you could have knocked it out of place doing the pad replacement. I can't imagine how you could have put the roller assembly back wrong either. Then again I can't see the printer. I don't know if the photos have enough detail for you to be able to see how everything should look. It's a pretty intimidating task to disassemble the printer far enough to get to that sensor even with an instructional video.
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Moe, thanks for the response. I consulted the local hardware expert (my Dad), who figured out that the roller assembly arm has a peg on the back that has to be seated correctly. Once we reseated the arms, the printer worked fine. :)
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