asked Dec 6, 2006 at 4:21pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

Laserjet 4100 error 41.03.00

We have three HP LaserJet 4100's, a few months ago one gave an error "41.03 Unexpected Paper Size Load Tray 0 Vellum ?" I tried setting the tray back to tray two as the default with no change, then I tried setting the paper size back to Letter (it some how changed itself to A4) it would print a few pages ok and then back to the error. I finnaly got fed up with it and unplugged the power for a minute and plugged it back in the error stayed gone for about a month and then came back. This has happened twice more on that printer and once since then on our other two printers and the only thing I have found that corrects the problem is unplugging the power and plugging them back in. I have tried to duplicate the error with no success, and it is happening from multiple applications that have not changed. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this error, and how I might fix it once and for all?
Try working from the manual feeder and see if the error comes up. My guess is the tray sizing switches located in the tray cavity. If they are failing or not making good contact, the size the printer thinks is in the tray will be incorrect or change on its own to the wrong size.
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I just replaced a tray base today that had a defective switch. It was the middle one which made the printer think it had Exec. size paper. Easiest way to tell is print out the config page (Information Menu) and see what the printer thinks it has installed.
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I have one that does this
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