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Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP Laserjet 4100 Error (13.1)

Ok, this has me puzzled. I turn my 4100 on and print a few pages, then I print again and this turn I get a blank page followed by a Paper Jam 13.1 Error. I turn the printer off and on and it does the same thing...prints a couple of pages, then prints a blank page followed by the 13.1 error. There is no real paper jam that I can see. What gives?

Sounds like you may have a selenoid flapper issue. Try printing from the manual feeder and see if it exhibits the same behavior. If it prints ok from the manual feeder, then the issue is probably the selenoid which controls the movement of the paper tray pickup unit. There is a selenoid with a "L" shaped arm which sits in a opening in the gear assembly and prevents it from moving. When a print job is sent, the arm is attracted to the center of the selenoid by an electrical charge which magnatizes the center of the selenoid. As the gear starts to turn power is turned off and the "L" arm returns against the gear assembly and when the opening is reached it stops the gear movement. They used a velcro type material to dampen the noise of the "L" arm hitting the center of the selenoid. That material over time disintegrates and all that is left is the glue which held it. So somtimes the "L" arm goes to the center and when power is turned off it stays there sticking with the glue and does not return and stop the paper movement. Easy to fix, but hard to get to. All you have to do is clean off the glue residue and put a piece of electrical tape over the spot and it will work like new. It is located on the right side of the feeder unit and you have to split the printer into two parts so as to have access to the feeder unit and removal of the feeder unit cover.
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Hey! Just want to mention that the sticky "L" shaped solenoid arm on the Tray 2 was the problem behind our LaserJet 4100N errors. The printer would print two or three pages normally, followed by a single blank page, and then the motor would keep spinning with no paper coming through.

This forum is terrific! Thank you very much for the help.
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I had a similar problem with a 4100tn last week. In that case, it was really stuck. When you powered the printer on, it just started feeding blank pages out of tray 2 continuously.
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13.1 is a paper jam error at the paper cassette.
Try using the MP (flip down) tray (tray 1).
If it feeds O.K., you probably need feed rollers for tray 2. (rg5-1885).
If you pull the tray out after a jam and see the top sheet partially fed out, (usually with two indentations on the paper that line up with the cassette's roller edges), the feed rollers are worn out.
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I have hp laserjet 4100n printer.when i turn on the printer,it says non hp toner when i try to print i get paper jam.when i open the back of the printer,i get the paper that protrudes for roughly 1 cm.i tried many scenarios but failed.any help please.
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mathew, following the post from the top, do you get the same jamming when you print from the manual feed tray?
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mathew, try reinserting the toner cartridge. Be sure to lift the printer lid 100\%, because attached to the lid is a white plastic strap. When the strap is pulled by a fully opened lid, it disengages the cartridge.
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Thanks Dmzcompute , but I broken the printer down and have it all in peices right now , but i still cant find the selenoid that your talking about.

I did find the one behind the manaul paper tray and cleaned that but where is the one for tray 2 ? do i have to take out the main gearing assembly to get to it ?

let me know as this printer needs to get back into servive asap !!!!
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Ok I am at a lost !!!!

I have replaced all the rollers, cleaned out the machine, tried a different paper tray, and cleaned the Selenoid that is hooked up to tray 2.

and even after all that , it still just pulls one blank paper and than jams with a 13.1 error ..

any advice ?
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ok just replaced the tray 2 pickup assembly and still get the same problem .. picks up a blank piece of paper and then jams ..
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How many trays do you have? To make sure you replaced the right part, how did you replace the tray 2 pickup assembly. Tell us what you removed to get to it.
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i just replaced the engine control board and still the same thing .. it might print one page fine and then it spits out a blank page and errors out ..

when i replaced the tray two pickup assembly , i took the whole thing around and broken it into two peices the part the bottom and top and replaced the whole black , gears and all and then put it back together ..
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Your responses are confusing, but from what i gather you have replaced the tray 2 pickup assembly and still have the issue. I also gather that the printer works fine from tray 1. If that is the case the only thing that can cause the issue is the sensor flag That activates the sensor on the ECU located behind the paper feed assembly. If that flag is broken and does not activate when paper starts up the path then the printer does not know paper has started to move and when it reaches the registration assembly the printer becomes confused.
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yes i have replaced the tray 2 pickup assembly , and yes it works fine from tray one ..

will check the sensor flag and see what i find , thank you !!
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ok DMZ , i checked that sensor flag and its fine its not broken or anything ..

any other advice ?
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Try replacing the sensor that sits in the ecu cavity and is connected via yellow or purple wires. Never seen a sensor go bad, but that is the only thing left.
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I have the same problem. All the pick ups are looking good. I lift the top access door to the cartridge and close it again, it will print. But if I send another print job through, it will give that same error and send out a blank. Sending a blank sheet tells me it is picking up the paper, but not printing it. So I checked the cartridge, it is new and not jamming. I replaced the thin drum just below the cartridge.

I send a job through, "jams", sends out a blank, then I lift the top access panel, shut it again and it will print.

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This thread is as close as I have found to the problems I'm having with several HP4100N printers. This is a low mileage printer with only 85,000 pages, mfg: 3/20/01

Printing from tray 2 only, any printjob 3 pages and over will complete the printjob fine...but it then will print another blank page that will begin to exit the fuser and stop causing a 13.6 jam. Dropping the read door makes no difference so it it not jamming at the face down/delivery assembly. Clearing the jam and closing the cover resets the printer until you print 3+ pages again and the cycle repeats. No difference printing local paper path test, LPT1 or network connection.

What I've done:
Replaced the fuser, face down/delivery assembly, Tray 2, both tray 2 PU rollers, formatter board and the engine board. Updated the printer driver to HPBF042G.dll for testing without any changes.

Any thoughts??

Brad in Florida

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Sticking solenoid in the paper tray assembly. You'll have to take the printer off of the tray and take the top metal piece off the tray to access the solenoid. I scrape the goo off and put a piece of thin sticky back felt on it to keep it from sticking and dampen the noise.
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Removed the tray2 cover and cleaned the solenoid. Cleaned and lubed all shafts gears and rollers. Running the 10 page paper path still completes the test perfectly, but throws an 11th page that jams just exiting the fuser, before reaching the delivery/face down assy.
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You don't mention whether you just cleaned it or put a replacement pad on it like I suggested. You need something there to keep the plate from sticking whether from residual magnetism or left over goo. The only reason for that pickup roller to turn again would be that solenoid not releasing. The longer it runs, the hotter it gets and the more prone to sticking it gets.
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is there anyway you could take a picture of this little arm and email it to me?

Matt - longboardluv
You were right on Moe, we just didn't do a good enough job the first time around.... We disassembled the entire tray 2 assembly
and completely cleaned the solenoid and it worked! Used electrical tape to keep the flapper from clicking when it closes.
She is printing perfectly and with all these new parts ought to be good for about 1 million more pages! Thanks for the assistance!
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Why? Having a picture of the arm won't help you at all. I was thinking of doing a disassembly video for the less mechanically inclined individuals and include a piece of our felt.
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Moe- I and many others would be greatly appreciative of a disassembly video and small tutorial. Even pictures would help.

We are having E13.6 paper jams, but frankly I can't imagine what you're talking about without getting knowing the terminology of laser printers. - granto999
OK, my 4100n was printing around 3 sheets and stopping, paper jam error 13.6. Went in and cleaned the goo off the solenoid. First I tried some felt. Reassembled, and I got error 13.1 after it seemed to just spin (no paper movement/output). Disassembled, put on two pieces of electrical tape instead of the felt, reassembled, I still get 13.1. It will print from tray 1, but not tray 2.

Never had the error before which makes me think it's not the rollers.

Something I didn't mention: when I first went to fix the solenoid, I misread the "foam" part of this thread and actually cut into the body of the coil itself (I thought I had to remove the wrapping because it was overheating). I did it gently and I don't think I cut into any wires/connections... when I saw that it was wired just so, I carefully put it back together with electrical tape as it was. My question is, if I broke the solenoid itself, would I be getting the above errors? If that's the case (d'oh!), where can I get a new solenoid?

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Watch from the back of the printer. Does the paper move at all and do you see the rollers turn. If the rollers turn, then on the paper tray itself remove the separation roller and remove the clutch behind it a put the roller back on the tray. Do not worry that is moves freely. Now try a test print. If the paper moves thru then the clutch is to tight and you just have to separate it into the 2 halfs and remove about 1/2 the filings. If the clutch does not separate you have the new type and it will not be the issue.
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Is this a related issue, i.e. wouldn't I be seeing this problem before? I will check, but paper doesn't move. If I broke the solenoid (I'm kinda convinced that I did), would I be seeing the problem?
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I went back into the solenoid and discovered a connection I had cut through in one of the fine copper wires.... after repairing the connection the printer works great now.. thanks for the cool tip re: sticky solenoid!!!
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I am having a similar issue as most of you, but not sure how to fix? When I start to print, I can see from the rear that the paper will pick up and move forward about half way and then come back some and then stop. This is when I get the 13.1 paper feed 1. paper late jam. Do I need to remove filings from the clutch?
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jnichols22: seeing that it goes back in a bit, yes
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I can confirm this repair and I thank all for the solution. I had a 4100n that was exhibiting the classic behavior. Printing multi-page documents from tray 2 would always cause an extra page to be printed which would jam (Error 13.6 mostly for me). Printing a single page from Tray 2 worked fine. Printing multi-page documents from Tray 1 worked fine. It was only printing multi-page documents from Tray 2 that would cause an extra sheet to be fed and jam.

The repair took about 40 minutes. I had never split a laserjet printer before, so I was going slowly and going back and forth to the service manual:

As mentioned, the repair is simple, but does take some time to figure out what you are looking for. Hopefully this little synopsis will help.

First - for an overview, you are trying to open the printer to get to the "Tray 2 Pickup Solenoid" (labeled: SL101 on page 266 of the service manual)

To get to the solenoid you will need to do the following (shown with page number reference in the service manual):

Page | Action

138 | Remove right side cover
139 | Remove control panel overlay/control panel board
141 | Remove top cover
143 | Remove left side cover
144 | Remove right front side cover

these next steps can probably be skipped, but I went ahead and removed the

145 | Remove rear cover/output bin
146 | Remove Tray 1
149 | Remove Fuser

all remaining steps are definitely required:

151 | Remove formatter assembly
171 | Separating the engine module from the paper feed module

at this point you can separate the printer. Just set the top part (engine module) to the side in a safe place. You don't need to mess with it any more. You are now looking at the feed paper module. Here you just need to remove the 4 screws that hold the tray 2 paper-feed plate. See:

179 | Removing the tray 2 paper-feed plate

After removing the 4 screws, you can lift the plate from the plastic part of the printer tray. Just follow the wires that run into the square box with gears on the right side of the plate. The solenoid is attached to the end of the wires. It is held in place by 1 screw. Remove it.

After you remove the solenoid, you can probably already see where the foam was and where the adhesive is left on the solenoid strike plate and on the L-arm itself. There is a small spring that holds the L-arm to the solenoid. Just take the spring off and the L-arm will come off the solenoid. Now simply scrape the adhesive away and use a bit of adhesive remover to remove any residue and make sure the strike-plate and L-arm are clean.

Good quality eletrical tape will make a fine replacement for the foam that has disentigrated. Just use scissors and cut a 1/8"-3/16" strip of tape and place it over the solenoid strike plate where the foam was and put the L-arm and spring back in place. That's it -- repair complete!

Just work the disassembly steps in reverse order to complete re-assembly and your done.

Send a multi-page job to Tray 2 and your Laserjet 4100 will work like a new printer again. No jams no problems.
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Thank you so much for this step by step guide. Took a little time but I was easily able to fix my solenoid sticking problem. Haven't had a jam since!
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Followed the instructions, replaced the solenoid strike plate, still received the error. Solid two hours invested into the project with no success has me rather diminished. :(
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First off all you tell us is you spent 2 hours working on the solenoid. Well are you sure that was your problem. You never posted what problem you were having so how do you know the solenoid is the issue? If you would post the problem you are having maybe someone can help you. - dmzcompute
HP 4100DTN working fine with multiple pages from tray 2 .. paper jam from tray 3 after printing 10 or 11 pages..Do I need to change the roller kits..?? Thanks
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I felt it would've been rather clear as to what my error was, since the title of this thread reads "HP LaserJet 4100 Error (13.1)". My apologies for the confusion.

The error I'm receiving is "13.1" on a HP LaserJet 4100TN. Upon reading the thread, I noticed I had the same errors that others were experiencing. Being that I haven't torn one of these apart, I took my time following the service manual and managed to get all the way down to the solenoid.

Like others were saying, I too had the disintegrated foam strip, with glue residue. I even tested a simulation of the strike plate hitting the foam strip and noticed a delay in it's release, thus the "delay paper jam" error code.

I scraped the remaining foam strip off, scrubbed the surface with "Goo B Gone" to remove the residue, dried it the plate, then placed a stripe of quality electrical tape in it's place. I pieced the printer back together, and once done I ran some tests -- the printer ran excellent for about 15 pages, then back to jamming with a "13.1" error code.

Either I didn't hook up that solenoid/strike plate back up correctly, or it's what some others have also found to be a contributing factor to the error: the paper feed assembly.

I've found via research that others have done both the solenoid trick, and found that they still needed to replace the "paper feed assembly". I found the part number for my model to be "RG5-5086-000CN". I was planning to order that part, replace it within the printer and check to see if that fixes it. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for following up, dmzcompute.
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Not a fan of electrical tape and I'll have to admit that I've never had to replace the paper feed assy. for issues like that. I much prefer a thin piece of felt and have never had the problem come back after installing it. Felt never deteriorates like the sponge crap HP has been using since the dawn of laser printers. You'd think they would have learned by now. Felt also dampens the noise the sponge crap was there for.
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I have an HP LaserJet 4100 that throws a 13.1 paper Jam error. When printing on Trays 2 and 3, the printer will feed a blank sheet and then throw a 13.1 Paper Jam error. There is no paper jam and simply opening and closing the top cover will clear the jam. This issue will reoccure unless I print the first 3 sheets through tray 1. One complete, I can close tray 2 or 3 the printer will print continuously without a problem. If the Printer sits, I have to repeat the process or it will state that there is a paper jam. I have replaced the rollers; however, this has not fixed the issue. The problem also occurs if I remove tray 3 from the printer.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be the issue with this printer.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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We have an HP 4100N Printer. How do you set it so that 1 job finishes before another job begins?
by tmeget on Jul 12, 2012 at 1:45pm Add comment
The computer handles one job after another. If having more than one computer sending and using a network card in the printer, then the printer handles the jobs coming in and will always complete one job before starting another. If the computer sending the job has an issue it is possible it will send the job but not in a constant stream so it is possible another job could sneak in, but in cases like this when the other job starts again you would get junk print since formatting stream has a break. Look at your computers first.
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Thank you for your response.
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So I was having the same issue with the paper jamming on the last page of multiple page print jobs. So I followed the instructions to clean the glue off the soleniod metal piece. I am still having the same problem. Would a bad solenoid create the same symptoms?
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Thanks so much for this piece of advice / tutorial. It was right to the point. The foam in the solenoid was flaten and there was a delay in the release due to that being sticky. I cleaned it and put a piece of tape and now it is working perfectly.
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I am pretty late to the party for this discussion but I am incredibly thankful to the person that posted this "fix" that I can barely imagine it. My 4100 had developed the dreaded paper jam described above and I had no idea what was causing it. I replaced a number of rollers only to have the same problem re-occur with no solution in sight.

I recently found this web posting and tried the method described above in an April 19, 2011 posting. My 4100 is performing like a new machine again.

Thank you so much for being generous with your time and helping others like me to regain our sanity and ability to print!

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I have the 13.1 error on a 4100mfp. I thought the solenoid was sticking from parts experiences with hp solenoids. I replaced the entire tray 2 pickup assembly and still have the error happening. I removed tray 1 assembly, feed assembly and registration assembly and blew compressed air into the sensors. All the sensor flags are there. Are the sensors easy to replace?

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