asked Nov 28, 2006 at 8:51pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

OS 10.4.8 w/ EPSON 2000P printer

Too involved to explain all but I will attempt to set the scene. I use a dual 2.7 GHz powerPC G5. I'm connected to a EPSON 2000P printer. All has been working well. Several days ago I start having problems with poor printing images. Try cleaning process several times and then it worked well. following morning I attempted to make a print and the colors were messed up-lacking some colors, kind'a posterization effect. I cleaned the heads, etc. and then all seemed to be going will. the computer stuck ( pinwheel spin) and I had to restart exernally. This had to be done several times. Next I tried to print and I couldn't get anything to happen. Some hours later and a lot confussed as to what had happened during this time I tried again to print. nothing!
Panic set in and I started trying to correct and look for answers. this just confussed the issue I'm sure. i then got into something I know NOTHING about - printer designations, etc. i got dialogu boxes that showed "Protocal: Printer Daemon-LPD". Then settings that I was totally confussed with. I looked on the internet for answers - bad move! Good into discussions about CUPS & Gimp???
I resent Printing System and later the only item showing now is Adobe PDF 7.0

I installed SP2000P ( Installer.pkg) and had to click "upgrade". Strange that it would say "upgrade"?
I contacted EPSON online Help. they sent me some instructions on what and how to install the proper driver. Boy, that's a hoot. After installing the driver, I restarted the G5. in the System Profiler I found "no printer"! I downloaded epson 11875_pho2kp printdriver_30aas ... Okay, now what? Soon afterwards I received a message .. " software requires a Pentium CPU which you do not have". Whoopie shit, what does this mean? I did try installing from my original G5 installation CD the select drivers from this disk. I'm not sure what else I need to say except I have spent over 5 hours on this problem and several calls to EPSON (who wants $$'s to discuss the problem) and a lot of time on the internet forums but to date - no change. I have some snapshots of the configs if this will help.
Suggestions are appreciated...