asked Nov 27, 2006 at 6:41pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple LaserwriterSelect 360,PaperPlease Help

Hi all,This Laser printer is a nice printer,but get's stuck intermittently when feeding from paper cassette and Jam light comes on.I've tried to reverse the 4 cassette pickup rollers to see if that would help,no change,they don't even look worn,still have ribs.The paper barely starts going into printer when this happens,it's like right at the start of going in,when I pull out the tray.I've even tried the rubber rejuvinator on those black rubber rollers,when you pull out the cassette,in the front above the tray.No change,Funny thing is that,nothing Looks Worn out that bad,to cause this........Is there Any thing else I could do to fix this???It's a nice printer,this is the only problem it has.Thankyou
It may be your paper that is the problem rather than the printer. I experienced this problem with several types of paper. Apparently some papers are too thin to feed properly at the default settings.
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