asked Nov 25, 2006 at 10:13pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP 4 Plus only prints top 2-1/8

I received a used HP 4 Plus LaserJet printer. It stops printing 2-1/8" from the top edge of the paper, then it's blank from that point to the bottom of the paper. It will do this even when printing a self test page. What would cause this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Half cycle test:

Print a test page feeding from tray 1.

When the trailing edge of the test sheet of paper is about 2 inches away from entering the printer open the cover, (this will stop the printer halfway through the print cycle). Remove the toner cartridge, manually open the shutter and see if there is a reverse image of the test print on the drum.

If there is no image then you have isolated the problem to the image formation system.

If there is an image on the drum you have an image transfer problem.

It's possible that ypu have a formatter problem, you can remove the formatter cage from your 4m+ and swap it with the formatter cage in this machine.

To swap the formatter cage remove the right side cover, then remove the memory access cover, if there are memory modules installed remove them and then retest the machine before swapping the formatter, this soesn't sound like an add on memory problem, but it's easy to check, keep track of the slots the memory goes in as I think on your 4m+ one of them is a postscript module.

The cage is held in by about half a dozen screws around the edge, after you remove them just ease it out the side of the machine.

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You can also try an engine test. It bypasses the formatter.
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Engine test: Prints a full page of thin stripes running the length of the paper.

Half cycle test: No image of any kind on the toner cartridge drum with the shutter open.

With the memory access cover removed, I noticed the memory module didn't look like it was seated properly, so I took it out and did a self test. No change. Then I snapped the memory module solidly into place. Sent another self test page through. Still no change. Will have to do the formatter cage swap when I have a little more time.

Thanks for the help.
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That pretty much proves it is a bad formatter board. If you need one, you can click on my name and email me.
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