asked Nov 14, 2006 at 12:14pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple Personal LaserWriter LS dark vertical band

I think this printer has a relatively new toner cartridge. Pages print with a dark vertical band down the left side. I can wipe toner off the roller but the band reappears shortly.

I saw one post here for a Laserwriter 360 which indicated that this problem is usually caused by a dirty (or bad?) wiper blade in the toner cartridge, but that this toner cartridge is hard to disassemble.

Can anyone confirm this as the usual diagnosis (despite a new, refurbed or refilled cartridge)? Are there instructions online somewhere for opening this cartridge to get at the wiper blade?

--John Hupp
If it's a "refurbed" cartridge, than it is 100\% a failed wiper blade. It's very rare that these hacks will actually replace the wiper blade when they refurb them. Take a look at the top of the cartridge. If it says anywhere on it "made in Japan" than they haven't replaced the blade. Take it back and get your money back. New cartridges are no longer available. The only company that I know of that actually replaces the blades is MSE. Google them. The cartridges are pricy, but they do work.
by moe on Nov 14, 2006 at 12:35pm Add comment
Thanks, Moe, for a speedy and confident reply. If "new cartridges are no longer available" by Apple, I have old information from Apple which says that the Canon EP-L cartridge for the LX engine (product code 1526A002AA) is compatible with the M0089LL/A Apple OEM cartridge. Does your no-longer-available statement cover new Canon cartridges as well? - jd_hupp