asked Nov 27, 2000 at 2:53pm
Unknown Printer

LaserWriter 16/600PS Problem

>> Larry Wrote: I have a client who has a Laserwriter 16/600 PS. The printed
>> output has several areas on the page where there it is slightly lightened.
>> When you open the back of the printer you see two rollers, a solid grey one,
>> and a soft black one. The black one has several notches and defects, probably
>> caused by pulling paper jams out of the printer. The grey roller appears to
>> be OK although there is some small flecks of toner which should be cleaned
>> off. Do you have a kit which might fix that?

> Moe Replied: The black roller is a pressure roller. If there are chunks
> missing, it won't push the paper into the heat roller. It won't cause light
> print, but the toner won't fuse properly. You don't describe "areas"
> adequately. I'd need to know location, size, etc. to properly diagnose it.

Larry Replied: If I print a completely black page, there are some slightly
lightened vertical strips down the length of the page slightly right of
center. Also, there are "lightened blotches" about 1/4" square in various
areas of the page. These blotches may be in a repetitive pattern
corresponding to one rotation of the heat roller but I can't be sure of
that. Also, I do not know if the paper blotches line up with the dents in
the pressure roller but I suspect they might.

I did not try wiping the printed page to see if toner smudged off nor did I
attempt to wipe off any excess toner on the heat roller - it was hot at the
time I checked it.