asked Oct 27, 2006 at 10:20am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter II

I'm looking for a replacement fan for my old Apple Laserwriter II printer. The information on the fan itself is: Brushless DC Fan, Sleeve SD 6025-24ms; 1215955K. There is also a small filter that leads into the fan that needs to be replaced. This is an old printer (c 1990) but is a workhorse and just needs a little attention.

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The replacement part # for the fan is RH7-1122.This is a different style fan,but it will work in most "sx" engines(including yours).As far as the ozone filter goes,try looking for one from a cartridge remanufacturer.
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KS - dshawger
New fans no longer exist. You have 2 options. If it's a squirrel cage fan, you can pop off the rubber bushing and put some lubricant inside the brass bushing. You might have to force the brass one off. That usually gets them working again. If not, email [email protected] He has some used ones. New ozone filters are likewise unavailable. Again, used ones are the only option. Might take a couple days for a response. Word has it that Moe's wife made him take a vacation.
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