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Hp HP LaserJet 3100

Hp 3150 firmware needed!!!

Greetings, I have a Hp 3150 that was accidentally (?) updated with 3100 firmware, I have tried everywhere to find the firmware for the 3150 without having to replace the formatter board. Any clues where this elusive firmware may be hiding?
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As far as I can recall the 3150 firmware could not be updated without replacing the formatter.

At the time the 3150 was being manufactured HP was not using flashable firmware.


Here's a link that has a list of machines that have firmware upgrades available, (scroll sown past the first list on the page):


The LaserJet 3200 has flashable firmware, or you can install a DIMM, but that upgrade is not compatible with a 3150:


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You mentioned "At the time the 3150 was being manufactured HP was not using flashable firmware." The 3100 has firmware updates available from Hp some are labelled for 31XX. The 3150 took the 3100 firmware as if it were its own, looks like it must have been flashable to me. Several other people have also had the same thing happened, and on one of the 3100 firmware updates HP states on the page Not for the 3150!! So they must have also known about this trouble. You would think they would have provided the firmware to fix this trouble since they obviously have it somewhere in order to program the 3150's in the first place.
Dave - unknown
The firmware is not flashable and had to be ordered from hp. Perhaps someone ordered the firmware upgrade and ordered the wrong one. The firmware chip is not flashable has never been so, so the only way for it to have the wrong version is to have been installed in the printer. In other words HP supplied firmware upgrade dimms for both the 3100 and the 3150 and all hp was stating was that the 3100 upgrade firmware dimm would not work on the 3150.
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The firmware for the 3100 on the HP site at:

When this firmware (lj164.exe 1.21 leon121.rom and the 1.0 Installer) is used the instructions says- disconnect pwr cord, press and hold start/clear and reconnect pwr cord then the printers display says ready for download,....... after which the printer reads then reads that it has 3100 firmware version 1.21 instead of the former the proper,3150 firmware version 2.0w
Sounds like it flashed to me!.........or did I misunderstand your post.

An earlier post from someone who also had this problem on this site:

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Sorry Dave my mistake. I could have sworn the first flashable firmware was for the 3200, but after checking out the service manual I see where both the 3100 and 3150 both have flashable firmware. I to made a search even on the CSN website I have access and was not able to locate the firmware for the 3150. Keep in mind that even if you can find the firmware, from what I remember, the printer has to be in the ready state in order to have the firmware downloaded, so if you have the wrong version and it does not come to ready, then you will be out of luck. On the other hand another option would be picking up a used one on ebay since most available have other issues then the firmware such as bad fuser or jam conditions. I know it is a crap shoot, but the best I can offer unless someone else happpens to have a copy of it on their computer.
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