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Laserwriter IIg Annoying Squeak

Hi Moe:

I spoke to you by phone before Thanksgiving, ordered a pickup roller kit for my LW IIg and spoke to you about my squeaking LW. As I'm still having issues, I thought that I'd leave a message here to request additional help.

You might recall that I mentioned that my LW has a squeak that it makes from the rear/top of the printer as a page is printed. Working from your advice and utilizing the grease that you included in my pickup roller kit (thanks), I removed the fuser (the doo-dad with the green felt at the rear of the inside of the printer) and looked for a spring to lubricate. I found 3 springs on the fuser assembly and smeared them all with the included grease.

However, I still have the squeak, which occurs about once a second as paper moves through the printer.

Any suggestions?


P.S. While I have your attention, I thought that I'd also ask 2 other, lower priority questions.

(1) Does is hurt/wear-out a LW to leave it on all the time?

(2) Do you know of a source of clean, used LW II cases? My printer works great, but the exterior case was all scratched and scuffed up by its previous owner...

You didn't listen to me. You have to take off the screw on top left of fuser holding the left side cover on. Pull off the cover. Look at the end of the aluminum fuser roller, it'll have a metal plate over it. On that plate rides a metal contact grounding spring. That is what I wanted you to lube. We've got lots of cases for those printers. Did you want me to ship one, or do you want to come by and pick one up? It doesn't hurt to leave it on all the time, but it uses a bit of power. Since it keeps the fuser hot all the time, I suppose it could hasten failure of the fuser and ac power supply.
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Thanks, Moe for your quick response!

Once I read your message, I realized that I did fail to follow your original instructions. I'll take a second look at the fuser this evening and post a response here for the edification of all regarding my outcomes.

By the way, your pickup-roller kit did the trick and I highly recommend it to all interested parties! It was easy to install (took me about 1 hr on a Sunday afternoon) and saved me from paying a local repair shop $75 - $120 for the same work.



P.S. Would you mind e-mailing me with a quote on a LW II case? This quote would have to include shipping as I live out-of-state.

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I'm writing back to indicate that Moe's instructions were right on target (and to demonstrate that I'm not afraid of self-humiliation :-) .

I removed the fuser (with its 4 screws), pulled straight up on it (the left side is seated in the printer with connectors), and removed the left-sided cover (one screw).

Then, I removed the 5 screws on the left side of the fuser (circuit board and a couple underneath the board area), exposing the fuser roller.

The grounding spring is a round, disk-shaped mechanism on the end of the fuser roller (not the bouncy, slinky-type of spring that I was expecting).

I lubricated this disk spring, reassembled everything, and my squeak was gone!

Thanks Moe, for your help and patience.


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