asked Oct 18, 2006 at 6:07am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP 3150 with new HP a1600n computer

Thanks to you folks I now know where I can buy a centronics-to-minicentronics adaptor. This along with a new cable with a USB connection for the computer should allow me to connect the 3150 to the new computer. However, the info on the "USB to parallel" cable says it won't work on All-In-One printers. What does that mean? Also, will WinXP recognize the "old" 3150, IOW any software compatibility problems? HP is selling the 3050 (which looks like the current version of the 3150) for $150. By the time I buy a new toner cartridge and mini adator, I'm thinking I would be ahead to buy the HP3050 which includes a new toner cartridge. Also, the fax no longer works in my 3150. Any comments? Seems like it is time to scrap the 3150.
I wouldn't scrap the 3150, maybe I'd take it to Goodwill, or find somebody with an older computer who needed a good printer.

Sometimes you can find one with a good modem but say a bad scanner on eBay, or even in a thrift shop.

I bought one in a PC store about a half year ago for $25, and it had a new Toner cartridge with it, I told the guy he could sell it for more, but he isn't a printer tech, so he didn't want to mess with it.
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