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Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP Business Inkjet 1200 Printer CMOS battery

Can anyone tell me where the CMOS battery is located in the HP Business Inkjet 1200 Printer (C8154A) please? I've tried just about everywhere without sucess!! I am trying to bypass a cartridge expiration date .

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the HP Business Inkjet 1200 Printer don't have a battery. But I can hack this printer, and Inkjet 1200 will print without chips in the cartridges.
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Hi, thanks for that at least now I know that, I can try something else. I would appreciate any help you can offer to help me solve this.
I have some knowledge of C++ If you could direct me in the right direction that would be a great help!

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Sparkyt1 - sparkyt1
If anyone is still using one of these here is the simplest work-around to the expiration problem: Just before you print a document, simply change the date in the printing computer's "date/time" setting to a date earlier than the expiration date(s) on the problematic cartridge(s). The printer driver apparently supplies this date to the 1200 at the start of each print job. (No date seems to be stored in the printer and I don't believe there is a battery to replace).

We have a 1200 networked in a small mixed Mac/Windows LAN, and this trick works for every system. It's a bit of pain, but if you just leave the time/date utility/control panel open on your desktop, it's not big deal. I just toggle the date back one year before I click "Print", than toggle it forward to right year after the job has been sent. It's actually very satisfying to foil HP's evil plan several times a day.

This might work on other HP Printers, though I haven't tried it. Worth giving it shot though.
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Thank you very much for the solution to this stupid expiration date on HP cartridges problem. It took me quite a while to finally get to this page. Definitely made me mad at HP after reading this information.

The fix is quite easy as you note and you do not have to change the date every time you start your computer just every time you start your printer. It seems to get the date only from the first printing job and then if you leave the printer on it holds the same date. At least that is how it works so far for me. However if you lose power then you have to do this same stupid thing again. I only hope that HP does not find some way to frustrate this answer. I get cartages for an older "HP Business 1000" and they may be on the shelf of a store for quite a while before I come along.

Thank you for the fix - unknown
I have HP Business Inkjet 1000, with ciss, and after while i've got message "cartrige out of date", and what I did?
Buy new HP Officejet Pro K5400, but after couple of days I reconnect my old printer and try this trick with works!!! Than I set my date correctly and now my old HP print with no problem!!!!
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Moe had mentioned in another thread just changing the date on the computer to bypass the problem. Another user had mentioned removing the HP driver and using the XP supplied driver instead.
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Hi Anybody,

it is possible to "refresh" old cartridges. The important thing is: Never put in a old new cartridge in the printer, because if the cartridge is too old, it will be irrevocablly rendered. I can refresh the cartridges, if somebody is interested.

Robby75 / Germany.

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Thanks, I dont need in C++.
HP Business Inkjet 1200:
1. Open, (dismantle) the printer inside.
2. Hack printer.
3. Refill cartridges right.
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And I hope to hack printer HP Inkjet 1000 too.
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HP Inkjet 1000 hacked too.
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I have a HP Business Inkjet 1000. Could you advise me on the ink cartridge expiration hack. It affects my CISS system which already has modified chips for ink levels. Can contact me at "[email protected]"
- unknown
tried the method of changing the date before printing with my business inkjet 1200d and it worked,
changed date, like going back 2 years on the clock computer, its the fastest, turn off printer, turn it back on and print...
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Just a thought as I just changed the date and printed on expired cartridge....

before replacing an old cartridge.... Change date to be Plus 2 yrs, attempt to print, will probably fail due to expired, but now the printer thinks its 2 yrs ahead.

Replace cartridge, try to print again..... this may hopefully set the exp date of the new cartridge to 2yrs + length of warranty usage.

No need to change the date every time now to print.... should give plenty of time for your cartridge, I would suggest monitoring how long its actually in there so ink doesn't dry out.... or cause any other issues
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It might work but I have not tried it yet. I don't change the date every time I print just every time I lose power to the printer which is infrequent to rare.

With my "Hp Business 1000" one can find the date of expiration of the cartridge by holding down the "on/off" button and pressing the "X" (cancel print job) button which causes a sheet to print out with information about the printer and the cartridges installed and each cartridge's alignment.

Each "date of expiration" of each cartridge is different in my printer and they all where installed at different times and purchased at the same time. This leads me to believe that you are right that the "date of expiration" is some how stored at the time of installation of the cartridge into the printer. It must store this information into some sort of flash chip like the flash BIOS chips and other firmware chips. If this is the case then their must be some way of changing this information though I certainly do not know how. I have pulled the cartridges out and reinstalled the same cartridge back into the pinter but it did not change the date of expiration so that clearly does not work. It is no problem for me to keep the printer powered up at all times and if we do lose power I will just set the computer back and print out a sheet and then return the date of the computer to the present time thus solving this problem again.

Maybe some smart guy will figure out a utility to solve this problem.

Best Wishes
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Maybe a solution similar to driver patch for my K850 printer will help some of you. See

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