asked Nov 23, 2000 at 5:36am
Unknown Printer

LaserWriter Pro 600

I have the auxiliary 500 sheet tray, and the machine almost always indicates a paper jam when feeding from this tray, but in fact there is no jam. I have to open the top, remove and replace cartridge, sometimes two or three times before it will print properly. I understand this is now a "vintage" printer, and parts are unavailable (at least here in Canada). Any suggestions? Thank you.
There is a balance adjustment know on the tray. Load a full ream of paper into the tray, tap it once or twice and turn the knob till the indice is centered. If that doesn't do it, the next thing to check is the pickup roller. Pull it off by squeezing the clips on the end and check to see if it's worn. If the treads are smooth it'll need to be replaced. We have a bunch of them in stock.
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Thanks for your quick reply, and solution. Makes me feel preety stupid, though.
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